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J’ai rarement (jamais) vu de discussion sur ce forum à propos de GMT et de leur système de préco P500. Je poste le message que je viens de recevoir de GMT, en notant qu’ils annoncent un nouveau 18xx (que je vais bien sûr devoir acheter :woozy_face:).
Et en notant surtout ce qui est dit sur le Covid-19.

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Hi everyone!

First off, I hope and pray that this note finds all of you and your families safe and well. These are difficult times that affect all of us to varying degrees, depending right now mostly on your age and where you live. This is an update that, as always, will be focused on GMT operations, new games, and general news. But before I get into that, I want you all to know that your health and safety matter to all of us at GMT Games. Many of you have become so much more than our customers over these many years; you have become our friends. Your welfare matters to us. So I want you to know that our thoughts and prayers go with you as together we face this time that threatens so many of us in terms of our physical, emotional, and economic welfare.

I am heartened and encouraged to see from many of your private notes and online posts that you are weathering this storm with clear-eyed determination, love for those most dear to you, and concern for your fellow man. It makes me proud to know people like you. To those of you who have written to us with notes of concern and encouragement, thank you! We all need to be encouraged, especially in difficult times. I am hopeful that in some small way our games will help you find diversion from the ever-present virus news, joy as you learn new systems or enjoy old favorites, and, for the many of you whose lives are more isolated right now, that they will help fill those hours with enjoyable times around your game table. And I hope that the paragraphs below will set your minds at ease in terms of how we’re weathering this storm here at GMT.

Open or Closed? Working or not Working? As you might imagine in a situation that is evolving as quickly as this one, we live in some uncertainty because we don’t control most of the variables that do or could affect us. In some ways, we are sheltered a bit operationally from this, because…

Almost all of our key management people, plus our designers and artists, can easily work from home—in fact, many of us do that normally for much of our work weeks. So on the design, development, and art fronts, we’ll likely see only small degradations in our capacity to create games, even during shutdowns or quarantines. But…

Center of Gravity. The key location for us—our center of gravity in terms of our core capability to process orders and ship games—is our office and warehouse facility here in Hanford. The operation requires employees and staff to be on-site to physically build/process/pack/ship customer and distributor orders. Currently, we’re running about 80% staffing there, as our schools are closed and some are home taking care of their kids. We have spread employees out throughout the facility so that no one works in close proximity to others. It’s less efficient but much safer that way, and the safety and health of our employees is priority #1. We’re doing the things you’d expect—cleaning, disinfecting, providing masks, keeping sick people or anyone who thinks they might have been exposed home—in order to make work as safe a place as possible for our employees.

If we are unable to keep the office/warehouse running, we’ll have no choice but to temporarily shut down our ordering and shipping operations (creative teams and art would go on, albeit at a slower pace). As Tony and I look at the things that could cause us to temporarily close here, there are three main ones:

  • If the governor or local government issues a « shelter in place » order—as they did in the counties in the Bay Area a few days ago. Fresno (30 miles away) just issued such an order yesterday, and they seem to be rolling through California cities and counties. Fortunately, we’re a bit behind the larger cities in terms of virus spread (0 confirmed cases in our county so far, with several being watched), but as more testing is available and more cases confirmed, we anticipate that this is probably the most likely reason that we’d have to shut down for a while.
  • If we get to a point where we can’t physically staff the warehouse due to not enough workers (people out sick, quarantined, etc.).
  • If we can’t guarantee a safe work space for our employees. You’d think this would be highly unlikely, but we’re concerned about being able to keep sufficient supplies of disinfectants, etc. on hand. We’re hopeful that availability will improve once this initial panic rush of buying subsides, but right now we can’t find anything in the stores to replace our stocks in the medium to long term, and that is concerning.

Our intention is that we will be open for business for as long as we can through this crisis, hopefully throughout, but definitely NOT at the expense of our employees . We’ve already informed all of the office and warehouse workers that even if we have to temporarily close, we intend to continue to get them paychecks in the interim. So whether they’re home watching kids who are out of school, if they’re sick or quarantined, or even off work while we’re closed for a while, they’ll get paid. They are our extended family, and we do not want any of them to be hurt by this, especially when we have the capacity to help them.

Fortunately, Tony has done a great job of setting aside surplus funds for a rainy day, so that we would always have the ability to weather a storm if we had to. So, thanks to Tony and to all of you who have supported us with your gaming dollars over the years, we are in a solid position to be able to have our will to help our employees be matched by our ability to help them through what could possibly be a very trying next few months.

Where we are today. Currently, we are processing and shipping daily orders as normal, so feel free to place orders as you wish. On the P500 front, we have a large shipment (5 items—see the Charging and Shipping section below for more detail) that’s set to dock in Oakland on March 27. One of the things we’re doing now is working with UPS managers to plan contingencies for how to safeguard and store that shipment off-site if we are ordered to shut down before it arrives here at the warehouse. But assuming that we’re still open by then, we’re not going to charge for those 5 items until we get notice that they are shipping to our warehouse so that there’ll be as small a time between charging and shipping as possible. We definitely don’t want to be in a position where we charge and then get shut down before we can ship or during shipment. As noted above, this is all very much in flux, but we’re doing our best to plan for everything we can think of that might cause problems for us or our customers during this time.

Shipping will likely take longer. I think it’s safe to say that general worldwide shipping operations are definitely slowed right now, so you can expect that it will probably take a bit longer than usual to get your games once they’re ordered. We’ll do everything we can to make sure they get processed and shipped quickly, but there’s just not much we can do about the general carrier slowdowns that exist.

Website Contingency. If we were to have to close the office/warehouse, we would close all non-P500 ordering on our website. Our plan is to leave the website up so that you can all make use of the resources therein (living rules, article links, vassal links, news, etc.) and to leave P500 ordering up so that you can all continue to tell us which games you want. But we’d immediately shut off ordering of in-stock games so you don’t get charged for something that we wouldn’t be able to deliver.

We’ll get through this. It feels a little strange to be talking about all these negative things that could happen because we’re very much still focused on making great games and getting them to you. We believe we’ll get through this as we all pull together, and if the worst thing that happens is that we can’t ship games for a while, we’ll recover. As you see from our P500 page, we have plenty of games in the pipeline. So we’re bullish on our long-term prospects. But we’d be remiss not to plan for the worst, even while we’re hoping and working for the best for our operations, our employees, our design and art teams, and for all of you.

I hope you find this information helpful. - Gene

Now, on to our other news for this month…

Some Resources for Filling Your Downtime. We’ve had numerous requests from customers to give them some ideas of what GMT-related material they can read or use online to help fill the downtime, especially if they are at home for an extended period. Here’s a list of some resources that we hope you’ll find helpful:

  • GMT Games on VASSAL : We have VASSAL modules for most of our games. So if you’re missing face-to-face play, you and your friends can continue your gaming fun playing on VASSAL. The link at the start will send you to the VASSAL.org page that lists GMT Games available.
  • PBEM Vassal Tournament: Next War Korea, Death Valley, and The Dark Valley. The wargameleague.com PBEM ladder site is having a PBEM Vassal Tournament. To sign up for this tournament, you must send an email to jeff.lange@mac.com prior to March 31, 2020. Late players beyond that date will be slotted in as well on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is free. Further information will be provided after sign ups.
  • InsideGMT Articles . If you’re looking for reading material that includes more background and detail on our games, especially upcoming P500 games, InsideGMT has a LOT of it. Check out the latest articles here, or use the site’s Search function to pull up all the articles about a game of your choice. Also, later in this update in the InsideGMT section, Rachel has included a bunch of links to various article series that you may find interesting.
  • GMT Website . The main page lists all of our most recent shipments and new P500 additions, plus sections below detailing all our latest News and Recent Additions to the website. Click here for the P500 Pre-Order Page to browse or make orders. You can use the Search function from any page to quickly find a game page for any in-stock or P500 game (and for most of our out-of-stock games). Each of those game pages contains a list of online resources specific to that game.
  • Our GMT Games Facebook Page . Feel free to drop in here to discuss or ask questions about our games with over 5,800 other GMT enthusiasts.
  • Play our Digital Games ! You can now play digital versions of Twilight Struggle , Fort Sumter , and Labyrinth —all from our friends at Playdek. See the Digital Games section later in this update for links to the apps on various platforms.
  • Check out articles from The Players’ Aid . Grant and Alexander do a great job of offering a mix of print and video replays, first looks, interviews, and strategy articles about a variety of games, both from GMT and other companies. Here’s a link to one of their most recent articleson the history behind one of the cards in our upcoming Red Flag Over Paris.

Digital Labyrinth is on Steam Early Access for PC (Mac Coming soon)! It’s here and it’s really good—even on early access. Playdek is clearly still working on streamlining and fixing bugs (that’s what early access is for), but already we’re getting lots of good feedback from players and reviewers. If you’d like to see what a walk-though of a turn looks like, check out this video of the game’s Tutorial by our friends at Gaming Rules!


Keep up with GMT Online
Virtually every day, we announce new information, show off upcoming products, or give you a peek under the hood of our new designs in our various online sites and forums. For those of you looking to keep up with us online, here is where you can find us. Drop in and start a conversation!

GMT Games Website
InsideGMT blog
Official GMT Games Facebook Group

GMT Facebook Page
GMT Twitter Feed
GMT on Instagram
GMT on BoardGameGeek
GMT YouTube Channel
GMT on ConsimWorld

We are doing our best to segment this update so it’s easier for you all to read. Here is what you’ll find in the rest of today’s update:

- P500 Additions

  • News You Can Use
  • Digital Games
  • InsideGMT
  • Charging and Shipping Update
  • Production Outlook
  • Coming Events
  • Project Updates and Sample Art
  • P500 Reprint Tracking

Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT Games! Enjoy the games! - Gene
Today’s New P500 Additions
(Click on box image to go to P500 page for more info and to order.)

110x145 110x147 110x143 110x145
1833NE Almoravid Twilight Struggle: Red Sea Wing Leader: Legends

(New on P500) (New on P500) (New on P500) (New on P500)

Recent P500 Additions:

77x101 77x103 77x100 77x101 77x101 77x102 399 Orders 476 Orders 479 Orders 743 Orders 882 Orders 576 Orders 77x102 77x101 77x101 77x101 77x101 77x101 340 Orders 463 Orders 493 Orders 567 Orders 1,083 Orders 868 Orders


New P500 Additions. We have four exciting new P500 additions this month! We hope you’re as excited as we are to see a new (Lunchtime Game) addition to the Twilight Struggle franchise from Jason Matthews, a new game in Volko’s Levy & Campaign series, a brand new 18xx game from Tom Lehmann, and a new installment in Lee’s popular Wing Leader series! With this month’s new additions, we hope we’ve given just about all of you something you can really enjoy. From Medieval campaigns to 20th century superpower struggles, with some air game action and a new 18xx game thrown in, we hope this new mix of P500s brings you at least one cool game that will grace your gaming table for years and bring you many hours of fun.

To get more details on each of the items listed below or to pre-order, just click on the banner or box to go to the game’s P500 page.

1833NE . Click the image/link for more details.

Almoravid: Reconquista and Riposte in Spain, 1085-86 . Click the image/link for more details.


Twilight Struggle: Red Sea - Conflict in the Horn of Africa . Click the image/link for more details.


Wing Leader: Legends, 1937-45 . Click the image/link for more details.

New P500 Reprint Additions . None this time.

P500 Removals. None this time.


Here is a brief tease for P500 additions lining up in the coming months. Note that this is not a comprehensive list, so I will switch these up a bit from month to month. My recent hints of « A new 18xx title » referred to this month’s new 1833NE; « a new Wing Leader expansion » referred to this month’s new Wing Leader: Legends; " A new Levy & Campaign series game" pointed to Volko’s new Almoravid, and January’s hint of « A new Lunchtime game from Jason Matthews » referred to Twilight Struggle: Red Sea . Over the coming 1-6 months, I anticipate that we will add:

  • A new WWII block game featuring paratroopers
  • A new GMT version of a 1980s Victory Games classic
  • A new game based on the popular Sekigahara system
  • An operational level WWII game set in Italy

Yearly Best-Sellers - January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019 (Updated Quarterly)
(Click on box image to go to Game page on our website for more info and to order.)

75x101 77x101 77x102 77x103 77x101 77x101 77x100
77x99 72x103 77x101 77x102 77x101 77x102 77x101


Digital Versions of our Games from Playdek

Labyrinth , designed by Volko Ruhnke. Expansions designed by Trevor Bender:
Steam Early Access (for PC, coming soon for Mac)

Twilight Struggle , designed by Jason Matthews and Ananda Gupta:
Steam (for Mac and PC)

Mark Herman’s Fort Sumter :
Steam (for Mac and PC)

Our Most Recent Releases
(Click on box image to go to Game page on our website for more info and to order.)
73x94 73x94 73x98


73x95 73x96 73x96 80x9673x99 73x99


Not getting these updates via email (anymore)? If you didn’t get this update via email but would like to, here’s a quick-and-easy link to sign up for our mailing list. GMT Mailing List Sign-up. Please feel free to pass this along to friends or anyone online who wants/needs to get this update via email.

Update Kit for The Hunters, 3rd Printing . For you owners of earlier versions of Greg Smith’s excellent submarine game, The Hunters , we have an Update Kit for The Hunters, 3rd Printing . These are in the warehouse now and available to order. We have 190 copies still on hand, so if you want one, please get your order in right away, as these are « first-come, first-served, while they last » items. Click the image/link to get more details on contents and to order.


ETO Series Update . For you fans of Frank Chadwick’s ETO Series, check out Alan Emrich’s March ETO Update.

Counter Trays and White Boxes Back in Stock!! We recently received 30,000 more of our popular counter trays and 1,000 copies each of our 2" and 3" Heavy White Game Boxes. These are now in our warehouse. Hopefully that will be at least a 6 month supply. Get them while they last! Here’s the link to the order pages:

Counter Trays (Set of 10)
2" Deep Heavy White Game Box
3" Deep Heavy White Game Box

Solo System for Plains Indian Wars! Thanks to a talented customer who offered to help, we’re adding a solitaire system to Plains Indian Wars! When you get a minute, check out this video by Louisiana historian/Lecturer, Dr. Stephen Michot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Myq4BOndrY&feature=youtu.be Thanks, Dr. Michot! More details on this as we get closer to production.

New Third Party Games in the Warehouse.

The Battle of North Kursk - Kuro Neko Designs
Waterloo: Napoleon’s Last Battle - Companion War Games

Playtesters Wanted for The Last Hundred Yards Volume 2 . We are seeking volunteers to begin playtesting missions for the upcoming Airborne game. To be involved, players must own, and have experience playing, the Last Hundred Yards game 1. All other materials necessary for playtesting will be provided. Playtesters will receive a new mission for playtest every two to three weeks. Each mission, whether played solo, face to face, or on Vassal, is to be played one or more times. Mission results and feedback for each mission are to be recorded and returned. Those interested should post me at md@densonsearch.com. Your help and support is greatly appreciated. Thanks, - Mike Denson

Video for Red Flag Over Paris . For those of you who are interested in learning more about our newest Lunchtime P500 Game, Red Flag Over Paris, Designer Fred Serval has created an excellent YouTube video (in English) that gives an overview of the game, offers historical background details, and points out the design differences between Red Flag Over Paris and Mark Herman’s Fort Sumter . This is an excellent « Inside the Game » video that I highly recommend you check out if you have any interest in this game or historical period. Here’s the Link:

Red Flag Over Paris: 1871 Paris Commune Boardgame Video Overview

Excellent InsideGMT Article Series on FAB: Crusader . Designer Michael Gustavsson and Developer CJ Håkansson have created a terrific illustrated set of articles to introduce and teach FAB: Crusader. If you have any interest in the series or in WWII in North Africa, check out this series of articles by clicking one of the links above.

Limited Stock of Michael Resch’s 1914: Dispatches magazine. For you fans of World War I, and especially of designer Michael Resch’s 1914 games with us, Mike produced an excellent magazine to support his games, and we’re selling his last copies for him. We now have less than 100 copies left in stock, so get yours soon if you want one. It includes a couple of new scenarios for the game, some excellent historical articles, a strategy article, and new player aid cards designed to streamline combat resolution. For more details and to order, check out 1914: Dispatches on our website. Get them while they last!

Videos for The Barracks Emperors . Many thanks to our friends at The Gimpy Gamer, who have created a couple of excellent videos that explain how to play Wray and Brad’s new The Barracks Emperors strategy card game. If you have any interest at all in the « Time of Crisis » time period or in strategy games, I highly recommend that you check out these videos. Here are the links:

Overview of The Barracks Emperors Prototype

An Example Game of The Barracks Emperors

Fields of Fire « How To » Videos . For those of you who like the idea of Fields of Fire but have trouble navigating through the rules, there’s an excellent video resource to help. Check out Soundboard’s excellent series of YouTube videos for Fields of Fire. We hope these help you get into the game more quickly and better grasp the flow of Fields of Fire .

Helpful Videos for Gandhi . Scott Mansfield has created a couple of really well-done videos (roughly 20 minutes each) on some key aspects of Gandhi. Here are the links:

Non-Player Actions and Short Scenario Setup

Demonstration of the non-player Raj « Sweep » Operation

Dedicated Wing Leader Website . For you Wing Leader fans, be sure to check out Lee’s Designer Website for Wing Leader for extra files and news about the series.

Official GMT Games Facebook Group . Our official GMT Games Facebook Group now is a community of over 5,800 gamers! If you have a Facebook account and you’d like to join our GMT Group to get the latest news, share game pics with other players, or just get your GMT-related questions answered, please go to Redirecting....

« Not There Yet » P500 Items That Could Use More Orders
Thanks for your orders this past month that helped Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East « Make The Cut »!
(Click on box image to go to Game page on our website for more info and to order.)


                       493 Orders    479 Orders    476 Orders    473 Orders    463 Orders    462 Orders


                      410 Orders    399 Orders    386 Orders    380 Orders    340 Orders     312 Orders


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Coming This Week in InsideGMT!

Here’s an update from Rachel on this week’s upcoming InsideGMT articles:

Lots of great stuff this week on InsideGMT! On Monday, we published the first in a series of articles from Twilight Struggle: Red Sea designer Jason Matthews diving into the history of the game through the lens of the Twilight Struggle: Red Sea cards. This is a fantastic article from Jason and I highly recommend reading it. Next, on Tuesday morning we published the seventeenth (and final!) in a series of « Meet the Civilizations » articles from Mark McLaughlin, this time highlighting the Romans, Pontics, and Parthians in Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East . Mark did a great job with this series, and I highly recommend you check it out! Later on Tuesday we published another article, this time from Imperial Struggle co-designer Ananda Gupta. Yesterday on InsideGMT, we published a teaser article an article from Frank Esparrago and Fred Schachter showing how Congress of Vienna has been converted into electronic form, specifically VASSAL, to enable players, without geographic constraint, to have a grand time experiencing all this wonderful game has to offer. Today on InsideGMT, we posted the third in a series of « how-to » articles from Bill Byrne devoted to the Great Battles of the Civil War series rules. If you would like to read the previous two articles in this series, those can be found here. Lastly, Friday on InsideGMT we will be publishing an excellent article from Chuck Maher discussing the history of the four « banana boats » Italy requisitioned when they were preparing to join World War II on the side of the Axis Powers and their function in Jeff Horger’s Seas of Thunder . If you would like to this article, look out for it tomorrow!

In the production schedule later in this update, you can see that some of the most recent games that will be shipping from the warehouse are Labyrinth: Forever War Expansion , Space Empires 4X 4th Printing , and Wing Leader: Origins, 1936-1942 . For those of you who haven’t ordered yet or who are waiting for your copy of these games to come, here are some InsideGMT articles that you can check out:

Labyrinth: Forever War
Labyrinth: The Forever War – Challenges in Designing a Simulation Game Based on Current Events

Space Empires 4X
Space Empires 4X: Thematic “Danger!” Results
Space Empires 4X: Exploring Your Home System
Space Empires 4X: Exploring Deep Space
Space Empires 4X: Fleet Building Exercise
Space Empires 4X: Empire Events
Space Empires 4X: Fighters and the Joy of Sandboxing

Wing Leader: Origins, 1936-1942
Introducing Wing Leader: Origins

I invite you to visit InsideGMT.com this week to check out the aforementioned articles (and more!) from our team of excellent InsideGMT contributors.

-Rachel B

This Past Month in InsideGMT!

Here are links to this month’s new InsideGMT articles:

You Say You Want a Revolution? (We’d All Love to See Your Plan.): Soviet Play in Conquest and Consequence
Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East: Meet the Chaldeans
Meet the Statesmen of Congress of Vienna – The Austrian Contingent (Part 2 of 4)
Allied Concerns in Seas of Thunder Scenario 3: Awakening the Bear
Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea (& Mark McLaughlin) at TotalCon
Fire in the Lake Tru’ng Bot Example of Play: NVA March
Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East: Meet the Scythians
Meet the Statesmen of Congress of Vienna – The Russian Contingent (with their Prussian and Swedish Allies) (Part 3 of 4)
Seas of Thunder: What’s a Pretty Commonwealth Line Steamer Doing in a War Like This?
Red Storm: Baltic Approaches Design Update
All Bridges Burning: Solitaire System Part 1
Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East: Meet the Greeks
Meet the Statesmen of Congress of Vienna – The French Contingent (Part 4 of 4)
A New Wargamer’s Guide to Failing Spectacularly at Twilight Struggle (i.e. Lessons Learned from My First Failure)
Seas of Thunder: The Interactivity of Specialized Warships
Inside the History of Twilight Struggle: Red Sea — Conflict in the Horn of Africa
Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East: Happy Ides of March: Meet the Romans, Pontics and Parthians
Congress of Vienna Goes Electric with VASSAL!
Second Disorders in Great Battles of the American Civil War (GBACW)

And in case you missed it, here are links to last month’s InsideGMT articles:

Space Empires Close Encounters: A New Way to Add Amoebas
Allied Concerns in Seas of Thunder Scenario 2: Struggle for the Middle Sea
Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East: Meet the Sea Peoples
A Historical Introduction to the Congress of Vienna Period Part 2 of 4: Napoleon Resurgent (Spring 1813)
Red Flag Over Paris Design Notes Part 1: Political and Military Spaces, Victory Conditions, and Strategy Cards
A Sneak Peek at Tru’ng: The New Fire in the Lake Bot System
Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East: Meet the Israelites
A Historical Introduction to the Congress of Vienna Period (CoV) Part 3 of 4: Europe Aflame (July–December 1813)
A Little Less Chaos; A Little More Planning: Optional Rules to Calm the Waters in Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea
The Battle Sequence Card in Seas of Thunder: How You Place Ships Can Make or Break Your Control of the Sea Zone
Convention Report: The GMT Delegation’s January 2020 Visit to Bellota Con III in Badajoz, Spain & Congress of Vienna (CoV)
Design Diary: How and Why We Are Evolving the Fire in the Lake Bot System
Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East: Meet the Cimmerians
A Historical Introduction to the Congress of Vienna Period (CoV) Part 4 of 4 — The Demise of La Gloire: The Invasion of France & Napoleon’s End (1814)
Red Flag Over Paris Design Notes Part 2: Cube Economy, Player Momentum, Pivotal Spaces, and Initiative
Regaining That Crown! — Austrian Strategy in Clash of Sovereigns (Part 2 of ?)
Seas of Thunder: The Deadliest Penguin
Ancient Civilizations of the Middle East: Meet the Medes & Persians
Imperial Struggle: Extended Example of Play
Meet the Statesmen of Congress of Vienna – The British Contingent (Part 1 of 4)

More Reading for Those With Unexpected Extra Free Time

Introducing All Bridges Burning: Red Revolt and White Guard in Finland, 1917-1918

The Gandhi Chronicles Series
Red Flag Over Paris: The Terrible Year Series
Semper Fi! – The Next War at the Marine War College
Mr. President: Three Presidents for the Price of One Series
Carroll Burns the Bridge: A Narrative-Style AAR Series for Death Valley’s Variant Cross Keys Scenario
Gandhi: The Arjuna Chronicles Series
What Does It Take To Have Your Game Accepted By GMT? (2 Part Series)
Many Wonderful Apocalypse Road Articles
Cleared Hot! – A Red Storm Example of Play
Why We Do What We Do in The Last Hundred Yards Series
Beneath the Med: “The Hunters” Heads to Italy
Addition by Subtraction: Creating the 2-Player Bonus Variant for Triumph and Tragedy
Playing the Story in GMT’s Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid
Mystery Wizard: A Detailed Look at Gameplay
Walking the Distant Plain
A Turn in a Nutshell: A Closer Look at “Welcome to Centerville”
Stay Soft or Go Hard: Deciding US Posture in Labyrinth: Awakening
General Eisenhower’s Armchair: How War Becomes a Game
Falling Sky Faction Strategy Series
Twilight Struggle Play the Experts Series
The State of Crisis: Setting the Stage for Flashpoint: South China Sea
Welcome to Frank Chadwick’s ETO Series Team!
Seas of Thunder – Sailing Outside the Edge of the Map
Pins and Strings of the Atlantic Chase
Empire of the Sun: Erasmus Version 2.0 Goes to War
Mass Shipping Day at GMT HQ
Tank Duel Scenario 2: Hold the High Ground Series
The Madness Behind a CDG Solo Method
Imperial Struggle Articles from Ananda Gupta
History Never Repeats Itself When Playing Cataclysm
Talon Tuesday Series
Replicator Tuesday Series
Anatomy of a New Map for Silver Bayonet
Plains Indian Wars Turn by Turn Series

As always, I invite you all to head over to www.insidegmt.com, check out the articles, leave us your comments, and tell us what else you’d like to see us do to make InsideGMT even better!

Most Requested P500 Games (by orders received through Jan. 22)
(Click on box image to go to the Game page on our website for more info and to order.)
\ 77x105\ 77x102\ 77x101\ 77x101\ 77x102\ 77x101\ 77x102

      3,603 Orders  2,101 Orders   1,682 Orders  1,508 Orders  1,347 Orders  1,336 Orders  1,314 Orders

\ 77x101

\ 77x101\ 77x102\ 77x101\ 77x101\ 77x101

      1,213 Orders   1,130 Orders  1 ,083 Orders  1,057 Orders 1,021 Orders    1,003 Orders  953 Orders

\ 350x119

Shipping. Our next P500 shipment will include the following 5 products:

Labyrinth: Forever War Expansion

Men of Iron Tri-Pack

Space Empires 4X, 4th Printing

Space Empires 3" Box
Wing Leader: Origins, 1936-1942

Currently, we’re expecting these to be at our warehouse sometime in the first few days of April to ship shortly thereafter. But, as noted in the first section of the update, circumstances could change. We’ll update you if we incur a delay, but for now we’re expecting to ship all of these in early April.

Charging. At some point just a few days before we ship (we’re hoping that’s early April), we’ll charge for these five items.

Labyrinth: Forever War Expansion (3 lbs)

Men of Iron Tri-Pack (5 lbs)

Space Empires 4X, 4th Printing (5 lbs)

Space Empires 3" Box (1 lb)
Wing Leader: Origins, 1936-1942 (2 lbs)

For those of you calculating shipping charges for these games, I’ve included the weights we are using for shipping in parenthesis after each game title, above.

To avoid any delays in your game shipment, please make sure you’ve updated your charge cards on our website before we charge . If you use the « Pay by Check » P500 option, please send your checks in to arrive by the charge dates. Thanks!

All-Time Best-Sellers
(Click on box image to go to Game page on our website for more info and to order.)
\ 75x101\ 77x101\ 72x101\ 77x101\ 77x101\ 74x101\ 77x101\ 77x101\ 77x101\ 77x101\ 77x102\ 77x102\ 77x101\ 77x101

\ 350x119

Here is our most current Production Status update from Tony and Mark. We update these monthly so that you will be able to follow progress as games get added and moved between pre-art, the art department, and the printer. Games with a ** following their entry are currently at the printer (we are a little more certain about scheduling on these). Entries listed in bold have moved up in the Print Queue since last month.

In Route to GMT - Arriving late March/early April:

Labyrinth: Forever War Expansion ******

Men of Iron Tri-Pack ******

Space Empires 4X, 4th Printing ******

Space Empires 3" Box ******

Wing Leader: Origins, 1936-1942 ******

At the Printer: No Tentative Ship Date Yet

1989, 2nd Printing ******

**All Bridges Burning ****

**Beneath the Med ****

Flying Colors, Deluxe 3rd Printing **** (plus update kit)**

Imperial Struggle ******

Storm Over Asia ******

The Battle of Rhode Island ******

Versailles 1919 ******

In Final Art and Next to Get a Print Slot: Tentative Shipping approximately 3-5 months

1918-1919: Storm in the West

1960: The Making of the President, 2nd Edition

A Time for Trumpets

Apocalypse Road

Atlantic Chase

Bayonets & Tomahawks

Caesar: Rome vs Gaul

In the Art Department: Anticipated Shipping 5-9 months (will vary by speed of art completion, final edits, and proofing)

Absolute War

C&C Ancients Expansion #5, 2nd Printing

Dominant Species: Marine

Fire in the Lake Tru’ng Bot Update Pack

Mr. President: The American Presidency, 2001-2020

Next War: Vietnam

Nearing Art Department Readiness (some have a component or two say a final map with an artist now, but the whole project isn’t yet in the art department)

1848: Australia

Barbarossa: Army Group Center, 2nd Edition

China’s War

Clash of Sovereigns

Commands & Colors: La Grande Battles

Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles

Conquest and Consequence

Expansion or Extinction

Flashpoint: South China Sea

Musket & Pike Dual Pack

People Power

Rebel Fury
Red Winter, Expanded 2nd Edition


Storm Above the Reich

The Dark Summer: Normandy 1944

Fall of Saigon: A Fire in the Lake Expansion

The US Civil War, 2nd Printing

Thunder Alley: Crew Chief Expansion, 2nd Printing

Triumph & Tragedy, 3rd Printing

Under the Southern Cross

There are quite a few games nearing Art Dept. Readiness, but these are the ones that Mark thinks are closest now. You’ll see several of these move up and others added to this section each month.

\ 350x119

CANCELLED GMT East: March 27-29, 2020 CANCELLED

GMT East’ers,

GMT East 2020 is cancelled due to Covid-19 and the precautions which
have been enacted in NY. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may
cause you. We know you were looking forward to gaming with friends. I
will miss seeing y’all and the return of the GMT East Manifest Destiny
game will have to wait another year.

If you made hotel reservations using our group code, the hotel is
already in the process of cancelling them without penalty.

The GMT East 2020 t-shirts have already been printed and delivered to
me. If you would like to receive your t-shirt still, there are two
options. One, you can pick it up at no charge during booth hours at WBC
this July. Two, I will mail it to you for a fee of $15 to cover
shipping and handling which will be deducted from the refund we will
provide for the event. If you want me to mail it, please send your mailing
address to alewis@gmtgames.com by 3/23.

We will be providing a refund to all those who pre-registered for the
event through the GMT website. This will be the full $75 if you’re not
having your t-shirt mailed to you. If you want your t-shirt mailed, we
will deduct the shipping fee before providing a refund for the $60 balance.

Keep in mind GMT East 2021, our 20th anniversary, is already scheduled
for March 19th-21st, 2021. I hope to see y’all there if not sooner at
another gaming event.

Stay safe and Enjoy the Games!


CANCELLED Spring 2020 Weekend at the Warehouse: April 23-26, 2020. CANCELLED

March 12, 2020

Dear Customers and Friends,

In light of the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 virus, our determination to not put the health of our customers or employees at risk, and in compliance with the latest directions from the governor of the state of California, we have decided to cancel our April Weekend at the Warehouse event.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. We know that many of you were really looking forward to attending this event and enjoying four days of gaming fun. As you know, we very much enjoy hosting this event, as well. But we feel that it is a small sacrifice for all of us to give up our fun for a weekend out of an abundance of caution in order to protect the health of our employees and our customers and long-time friends.

We look forward to seeing all of you at our October Weekend later this year. We’ll update you with more details on timing for that event in the coming months.

Wishing you all the best,


\ 350x119

Sneak Peeks :

Final Box Art for Imperial Struggle by Terry Leeds

Final Box Art for The Battle of Rhode Island by Terry Leeds

« Inside the Box » for the new Flying Colors, 3rd Printing

Project Updates :

People Power - Developer Jason Carr

\ 600x198

Ken and I are working furiously on People Power’s solo system, called Datu. Datu (« Chieftain ») is based on the card-based system introduced in Gandhi, with modifications to handle People Power’s 3-player Sequence of Play. Adapting this system to People Power has been a breeze so far, but the hard part is coming—testing! We are looking for a few people who would be interested in testing Datu—if that’s you, please reach out!

SpaceCorp: Ventures - Developer Jason Carr

\ 600x198

Playtesting for Ventures is wrapped! Thanks to all who played the game at the GMT Weekend or other conventions and our phenomenal playtesters. We are currently editing the rules and getting ready for art while our illustrator works on the new cards and boards. Once the rules are edited, they’ll head off to Kai Jensen for layout. We’re excited to show you some sneak peeks in the next few months as we wrap up art and layout.

Tank Duel - Developer Jason Carr

\ 600x198

Scenarios for Tank Duel Expansion #1: North Africa and Tank Duel Tank Pack #1 are in the process of being written. We have several new Historical Scenarios in progress as well, covering everything from Kursk to Tobruk. Terry has done a wonderful job on the new Tank Boards, some of which are previewed on the P500 page. Finally, the new deck and rules for desert are complete in draft form, and we hope to start testing scenarios soon.

\ 350x119

Here’s the current status of all the games on our P500 reprint list - with current order totals and a +/- order growth since last month, with status to the right if they are SHIPPING, AT THE PRINTER. IN THE ART DEPT, or NEARING ART DEPT READINESS. Please help us determine what to reprint by pre-ordering any of these that interest you. Thanks for your help!

Barbarossa: AGN: 841 Orders(-1)
Flying Colors Deluxe 3rd Printing: 792 Orders (+14) AT THE PRINTER
Barbarossa: AG Center 2nd Ed: 770 Orders (+4) NEARING ART DEPT READINESS
Barbarossa: AGS - 707 Orders (+4)

Red Winter: Expanded 2nd Edition: 634 Orders (+16) NEARING ART DEPT READINESS
The US Civil War, 2nd Printing: 575 Orders (+32) NEARING ART DEPT READINESS

C&C Ancients Expansion 5: Epic Ancients: 480 Orders (+10) IN THE ART DEPT.
1989, 2nd Printing: 486 Orders (+34) AT THE PRINTER
France '40, 2nd Printing: 453 Orders (+23)

Pursuit of Glory, 2nd Edition: 396 Orders (+35)
Normandy '44, 3rd Printing: 390 Orders (+24)
Triumph & Tragedy, 3rd Printing: 373 Orders (+20) NEARING ART DEPT READINESS
Churchill, 3rd Printing: 366 Orders (+16)
Space Empires, 4th Printing: 347 Orders (+38) AT THE PRINTER

1960: The Making of the President, 2nd Printing: 298 Orders (+17) IN FINAL ART
Virgin Queen, 2nd Printing: 274 Orders (+8)
Fields of Despair, 2nd Printing: 230 Orders (+7)
Great Battles of Alexander, Expanded Deluxe Ed, 2nd Printing: 219 Orders (+9)
This Accursed Civil War: 216 Orders (-1)
Hoplite, 2nd Printing: 214 Orders (+3)

Roads to Leningrad 2nd Ed. 190 Orders (-1)
Combat Commander: Resistance, 2nd Printing: 182 Orders (+8)
Panzer Exp #1: The Shape of Battle, East Front: 176 Orders (+6)
Enemy Coast Ahead: The Dambusters, 2nd Printing: 165 (+1)
1846, 2nd Printing: 164 Orders (+26)
Skies Above the Reich, 2nd Printing:146 Orders (+19)
Panzer, 3rd Printing: 137 Orders (+11)
Liberty or Death, 3rd Printing: 134 Orders (+15)
Sword of Rome, 3rd Printing: 132 Orders (+1)
Next War: Poland, 2nd Edition: 131 Orders (+17)
Washington’s War, 3rd Printing: 123 Orders (+3)
WW2: Barbarossa to Berlin, 3rd Printing: 114 Orders (+4)
Panzer Expansion 2: Final Forces on the E. Front: 111 Orders (+4)
No Retreat, The Russian Front Deluxe, 3rd Printing: 106 Orders (+0)
No Retreat, North Africa, 3rd Edition: 106 Orders (+6)

For the People, 4th Printing: 91 Orders (+12)
Thunder Alley, Crew Chief Expansion, 2nd Printing: 90 Orders (+4) NEARING ART DEPT READINESS
MBT, 2nd Printing: 62 Orders (+7)
Manoeuvre, 3rd Printing: 56 Orders (+1)
C&C Ancients, Exp #6, 2nd Printing: 29 Orders (+2)

\ 350x119

Please see our RECENT ADDITIONS section of our website (bottom left of page) for a detailed list of new game support files, by the dates they were added.

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2 « J'aime »

Jamais vu un truc aussi long :joy:

7 « J'aime »

J’ai dû le couper en deux vu la longueur … GMT aime soigner la présentation des messages qu’ils envoient à leurs acheteurs :grinning:

Je l’ai posté ici parce que j’ai trouvé qu’il disait des choses de bons sens à propos du virus du point de vue d’un éditeur de jeux.


2 « J'aime »

Si tu as tout lu, on veut bien un résumé par curiosité :innocent:

2 « J'aime »

Le système pour jouer en solo à People Power s’appellera Datu. Je pense que c’est l’info la plus importante de tout ce texte.

1 « J'aime »

Je suis abonné aussi à la newsletter GMT, mais c’est vrai que c’est un peu un gros pavé à lire… Du coup pas très marketing…

Le mini-TS m’excite bougrement…

A mon avis un mec aura trouvé un vaccin du Covid avant que quelqu’un ait tout lu :joy:

2 « J'aime »

La vache, je crois que ce post mérite une ovation vu la quantité de texte, lien et image… :scream:

Par contre pas sur d’être intéressé par ce type de jeu, d’autant que l’aspect synthétique manque pour qu’on s’y intéresse de près. :sweat_smile:

2 « J'aime »

J’accepte l’ovation :upside_down_face:

Bigre, suis-je le seul à être excité par le nouveau bébé Twilight Struggle ?

Enfin c’est une news MAJEURE pour notre communauté.

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Je suis chaud aussi, mais il y avait pas déjà 13 Days pour ça ?

13 days c’est pas bon. Mais lui, lui porte la marque des grands.

Merci pour la news! Enfin des nouvelles de Mr President :grin:
Bon, va encore falloir patienter 1 an, mais content qu’il ait terminé la phase de développement.

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Je découvre les wargames GMT, les wargames tout court en fait, en faisant une partie de Empire of the sun, via Vassal.
C’est juste extraordinaire.

Ça me donne envie de me pencher sur leurs offres mais avec tant de titres, difficile de savoir par où commencer.

Nuts Publishing viennent tout juste d’annoncer qu’ils s’occuperaient de la VF ! Et si ça c’est pas une super nouvelle pour une news majeure :slight_smile:

1 « J'aime »

Cette nouvelle m’a à ce point bouleversé que je viens de me le prendre en P500, avec Imperial Struggle pour faire bonne mesure ! :grinning:

1 « J'aime »

Nuts s’occupe de la localisation de Impérial Struggle, pas à du Baby TS.

Merci d’avoir relayer la newsletter de GMT, mais elle est disponible sur leur site donc un lien peut suffire