The Wilderness - par Boardgame Adventures - annulé

The Wilderness Board Game Kickstarter Preview

The Wilderness est un jeu de plateau coopératif qui vous transformera en un des rares survivants d’un monde apocalyptique reconquis par la nature et ses bêtes mutantes.

:busts_in_silhouette:: 1-6 joueurs (14+)
:alarm_clock:: 60-120 min

Designer : Rafael et Luiz Henrique
Artists : Henrique Mueller et Caio Peral

Autres liens : Présentation rapide du matériel en vidéo - site éditeur - Facebook - La tentative loupée sur KS

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issue du film gore ou rien à voir?

Non ça n’a rien à voir

Discover The Wilderness Plagues Expansion Set

Imagine yourself in a very toxic place with countless poisons, acids, and lethal gases. Also, add to this environment beasts that are extremely resistant. Welcome to the world of The Plagues, an expansion pack for The Wilderness, a place only for the boldest of survivors.

Two more survivors, two more beasts, an additional deck with new themed items, and a new mechanic that expand your experience in the world of The Wilderness.

Will you dare The Plagues?

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Soon in Kickstarter!

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The Wilderness (projet brésilien …) le 27 janvier sur KS

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ça ressemble à un autre jeu qui a un sujet il me semble mais dont le nom m’échappe. Les cerfs natura3000 ont la côte

humm… rien que pour l’illu qui semble tout droit sortie de MidJourney (cf. incohérences au niveau des pattes), pour moi c’est next…

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Comment ça ? tu n’as jamais vu de cerf à 6 pates et 8 yeux dans la foret de Rambouillet ? :grin:

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Nan mais dans des endroits qui existent, si.
Rambouillet… qu’est-ce qui va pas inventer l’aute hé…

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Hi. I am Julio from Boardgame Adventures INC., the creator of The Wilderness.

The Wilderness campaign on Kickstarter will start in early February. We will define the exact date soon. For those who are curious about the game, here comes a brief:

The Wilderness Board Game takes place in a dystopian world. Animals have evolved into giant ferocious beasts. They took the cities and turned them into ruins. Now, these lethal beasts are an immense threat to humankind. Players assume the role of survivors and will have to face these beasts as they complete several missions and ensure the survival of the few humans that have last.

It is a fantasy cooperative game for 1 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. It is a Boss Battler game with features of the Dungeon Crawler genre. Each quest lasts 60-120 minutes.

What is inside?

The core box comes with 40 high-quality plastic miniatures – 10 large beasts miniatures, six playable Survivors Miniatures, and 24 Wolves Miniatures of 3 types. It also features 295 cards, nine double-sided tiles, many tokens, and stunning artwork. In addition to the main box, the game has two expansions with two more beasts, two more survivors, and additional mechanics that create new challenges for players.

You can know more on our website:

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Hi. Julio from Boardgame Adventures INC. again.

In The Wilderness, players must achieve the Quest goals and defeat the Beast without letting any Survivor dies to win the game. The game flows in n turns with 3 phases until victory or defeat:

1 - Survivors’ phase:
Each Survivor can use up to four actions to explore the Ruins: search for Supplies, trade Gear, upgrade their Weapons, fight The Wolf Pack, deal with the Beast, and accomplish other tasks to achieve their objectives.
Every Survivor has a unique skill and a combination of two classes of six: Guardians, Explorers, Leaders, Shooters, Assassins, and Healers. Each Class has its role on the team, changing the gameplay and creating a unique and exclusive experience for each Survivor. Survivors can learn new skills from their Skill trees as they level up.

2 – Wolves’ phase
Wolves track Survivors. Each moves toward a closer Survivor and eventually attacks. Then, new wolves spawn in zones called Nests.

3 – Beast’s phase
The Beast tracks and attacks the Survivors three times. Every Beast has a unique personality and behaves differently from each other. Their attacks are customized based on their exclusive skills and AI cards system.

The wilderness will be published in early February on Kickstarter.

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hello @Julio_arnaud and welcome on, the crowdfunding enthousiasts french board.

We are more than happy to have creators to come and discuss with our community.

Enjoy your stay ! wishing you a nice funding campaign !

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Welcome on Cwowd. Thanks for coming by and giving us more details about the game. I really love the artwork of The Wilderness. Feels like a mix between Zombicide and Aftermath.

I have a few questions to ask :

  • Will the game be translated into other languages ?
  • Is it possible for you to share some more materials ?
  • Do you have more details about the KS campaign like pledges levels, group pledges, etc ?

Really looking forward to it (if it fits my budget range :wink: ) !

Pour les Cwowdiens, voici le lien vers les règles du jeu (en anglais)

Le 14 février sur KS

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J’ai juste jeté un œil au livre de règles… Ce sera compatible avec zombicide ?
:arrow_forward: :door:

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A voir, petit drapal

A voir également, de loin ça peut me plaire :slight_smile:

C’est lancé … et je suis parti !

Core : 112 + 21 + TVA = 160€ :wave:

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c’est choquant vu la quantité de matos ? par contre le all-in fait peur …

Ca a l’air d’être tellement du vu et du revu et du chauffé réchauffé cramé…

Parce que tu trouves que y’a beaucoup de matos ? Vraiment ?
T’enlèves les figs, y’a principalement des cartes, une poignée de dés, des tokens et quelques tuiles / plateaux …