Chai: Tea for 2 - par Steeped Games - VF par Matagot - livraison Juillet 2022

Une peur de retours négatifs de la part du créateur du projet, qui veut faire des news ou il donne du positif et du concret car il ne veut pas se faire critiquer, et il veut des jolies updates. D’un côté je peux le comprendre, de l’autre réalistiquement il va se faire bien plus défoncer en faisant le mort qu’en postant des news mensuelles ou il dit que c’est compliqué mais qu’il bosse.

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L’équipe était à la GENCON.
J’ai pu en profiter pour leur laisser un message sur leur post facebook.

Hey hey! I’ve been pushing for an update several times a week. Lots of stuff going on over here!

While I’m hopeful one will be posted soon, I can say there was a bit of an issue with the insert, so they needed to be reproduced.

The color was incorrect and the cut was also not to the latest specs. There were no spaces for your fingers to easily grab the tea tins from the insert.

This has been resolved and things are back on schedule.

Latest update is tracking numbers to backers sometime in Sept. -Bryan

Please understand, Steeped Games is a tiny indie publisher that designed games as a passion project not knowing how popular it’s games would be. Proper communication and logistics processes were not in place when everything came to fruition.

We’ve added a few more individuals to help improve things, so bare with us. Communication is one of the improvements we are focusing on.

Unfortunately, a “just fix it” mentally isn’t all that easy or simple. -Bryan

We understand your concern and your complaints are warranted. My only word of caution is persistent railings and demands (no matter how justified), won’t make things go faster, nor will it improve communication.

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Vu qu’ils ont du mal à poster l’update sur KS (il n’y a que Dan qui peut à priori), le community manager l’a mise en commentaire en attendant.

TL;DR: il y a eu des retards de production, une refonte du manuel, des traductions… La prod devrait bientôt, bateaux fin septembre, livraisons pour l’europe en novembre.

In theory, this (with a bit more) should have been posted as an official update. But like you I’d rather see the info out than wait on whatever is holding it up. (For those in High Tea, I don’t have that information and am defaulting to the assumption that the timelines below are the worst case scenario for that campaign, but hopefully sooner.)

Hello Chai Community!

We hope everyone has had a great summer so far. Thanks for your patience as we near fulfillment of the Chai: Tea for 2 campaign. We’ve had a few hiccups along the road, but we’re wrapping things up and will be transparent as possible to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Production wise, we had a few issues with the insert, so we had to make some tweaks and readjust things so they’d fit perfectly. A sample was lost by FedEx and the factory ordered the wrong colour, but we’re back on track now and everything is confirmed. We love the final colour, and here’s the new version with tweaked wells for the dice and better fingerholds. Cards can be sleeved too and the tea token tins can easily pop in and out:

Our factory works with a few other factories, and unfortunately our order for Chai playmats (3000 altogether) and Chai acrylic accessories (750 altogether) were confirmed to be done but weren’t. This was no fault of our factory and they are back on track with the acrylics to be finished in 14 days.

The largest delay was our rulebook, which underwent another complete revision and now has an additional 8 pages with extra examples, a glossary, and a much better flow as previously we were introducing terms before they were explained on later pages. This overhaul was championed by Layne and Andrew from Tabletopify, with the rest of our team. Thank you again to the dozens of others who helped with over a hundred recommendations to make it the best we possibly could—to be completely honest this was a bit overwhelming as we thought we already had a good rulebook, but we’re satisfied that it’s the best it can be.

Please also note that while a rulebook can never be perfect, it’s a living document that may have slight adjustments in the future. We’ve included a QR-code that goes to our Rules Portal that also has an extended FAQ for any solo questions you might have (with further solo turn examples), and other FAQ for the game itself.

Given time to finish translations, the acrylic tokens, and our chat with the factory on Friday, here’s what fulfillment looks like as of today:

Sept 27 – Asia fulfillment begins, games sent to AUS/NZ warehouse

Sept 28 – Airmailed EU copies for fulfillment pre-Essen

Sept 28 – Airmailed UK copies for fulfillment pre-Essen

Sept 29 – Boats for EU/US prepared and sent

October 26 – US fulfillment begins

November 4 – Canadian fulfillment begins

November 5 – Local delivery party at Calgary and Edmonton board game stores (time to be confirmed)

November 10 – Remaining EU fulfillment

November 14 – Remaining UK fulfillment

We’ll be airmailing the majority of EU and UK copies to our two warehouses before Essen for fulfillment, but there may be an accessory on some orders that cannot be fulfilled until the boat arrives. We’ll keep you all in the loop about the progress on all the above as there are many moving parts, but we’re thankful most of the parts are ready to go.

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Wouhou ! Une update officielle !

En gros, ils prévoient que tout soit sur les bateaux fin octobre, pour une livraison en décembre en europe.

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Actu « comme si de rien n’était » :smiley:
Mais bon, le projet est toujours sur les rails, c’est le principal !

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Mais quels mauvais.

Les jeux devaient partir sur le bateau fin octobre, pour une livraison courant décembre.

Etant nuls comme des bites, ils ont raté le bateau, et sont donc tombés en plein nouvel an chinois.

Selon Dave, il ne faut attendre aucune news avant Mars.

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Euh, vous êtes sûr qu’ils ont « raté » le bateau?

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ce sketch :sweat_smile: :clown_face:

Je pense pareil, ça sent le « ratage » qui les arrange tellement bien…

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Il a combien de mois (ou année ^^) de retard actuellement ce projet ?

Il était prévu livré pour Février 2022.
On atteint l’anniversaire.

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Hum… après Unbroken ( qui est finalement arrivé) , ce jeu ci sera t il mon premier KS jamais reçu ?