Obsidian Protocol - par Quti Studio - livraison sept. 2020

Une notice de montage a été partagé sur le discord, il va avoir du boulot :smiley:

Et une petite vidéo d’un mécha monté

Hooooooo nice!!

Voici un aperçu de a quoi cela ressemble actuellement.
Cette vidéo devrait être traduite et posté sur youtube.

En attendant :

Edit : Version Youtube avec ST anglais :

Des nouveaux visuels de méchas de la faction United Network disponible sur leurs twitter, version non finalisé (de ce que je comprends test d’assemblage de pièces imprimées par l’usine) mais cela avance dans la bonne direction

Vidéo d’un mécha assemblé ainsi que sur les articulations (vite fait)

Quelques visuels :

Sources : https://twitter.com/ObsidianProtoc1?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

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La vidéo est déjà dans mon post plus haut, tu arrives après la guerre :smile:

Passez la en vitesse 0.75 sinon c’est l’enfer à lire et pour ceux de posant la question oui la DA est définitive.

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Les cartes sont juste dégueu…

Moi j’aime beaucoup !

Tellement hâte de jouer à ce jeu ?

Mais les pitous fort sympathiques :wink: et tres hâte aussi.

On commence à en voir le bout !

Je vous joins, en wetransfert, une vidéo rapide d’unboxing de la faction Reconstruction and Development League (RDL) ou l’on voit la core et les deux extensions (Tie’ Ji Box et Heavymetal).

Celle vidéo disponible sur le discord est une « quick preview », une autre vidéo sera mieux filmé et traduite pour les news.

La DA est assez étrange, notamment les boites qui font bien tristes.
Cela ressemble plus à des figurines à monter style gundam qu’un jeux de société haha.

D’ailleurs pour les boites, les pièces visibles sur celle ci sont en tailles réelles.
Pourquoi pas mais je ne vois pas trop l’utilité.

Et après ils vont mettre 3 ans à élaborer un pm …

en théorie il ne devrait pas trop tarder a arriver, ils ont les poids.
Cependant, ce n’est que la première faction : je ne sais pas ou en sont les autres niveaux productions.

Petite update

Update #38

Hello everyone! Have a great weekend!

For the past while, it’s basically been QingHe who’s been in charge of communicating with everyone and moving forward with the translation of the English version, while I’ve been busy with something else.

First of all, a big thank you to all the players who participated and followed the rules and translations!

Because of your help, during the month or so we’ve been waiting for the factory to progress, we’ve further optimised the grammar of the rules, made them better, and made the English version of the card text more and more perfect!

Here is the content of the English card that is currently close to completion. We would like to sincerely thank all players who supported the translation work.

We would also like to give a special thanks to Josh for his great assistance in card translation.

1.0 Card EN - Google Sheets

I’m really, really happy!

e them better, and made the English version of the card text more and more perfect!

This includes, but is not limited to:

more shipping contractors (trying to get better quotes for international delivery),

international distributors (if we have big and established distributors, then we will have a more consistent supply of goods to everyone in the future),

and more suppliers (we are considering other feeder products, which require more types of processes).

Also, one of the more interesting things is that we’ve spent quite a lot of effort recently revising the worldview again.

To be precise, the main focus is on how the world of EMBER has come a long way from a history similar to ours, before the « Signal 99676 », the point in time when players fought with the first season of the product.

It is a parallel timeline that begins in 1910 and tells the story of how the discovery of the lunar relics, the frenzied space race, the « lunar encirclement », and the step-by-step descent into the abyss of war, and how, when the smoke of war fell, three new powers overtook the sovereign nations, leaving our commanders and mech squads to continue the endless battle in the relics.

Yes, this allows us to create service records for each pilot without contradicting the general history, as well as the environment in which I hope these pilots were raised to bring about an effective padding of their abilities, personalities and of course the companies they served with, with their own origins.

Also, due to the technical background, the actual ages of some of the pilots may not quite match what they look like, as in Old Man’s War, while some of the other details of the setting will look more or less familiar if you’re into sci-fi.

I’m hoping we can finish this version of the timeline before Chinese New Year and show the more crucial parts of it in an update, and if we make it in time I’d also like to be able to briefly say why the story is written the way it is.

We have prepared a lot of contents, and try to make an official KS long update a long time ago. But as everyone knows, in 2022, especially after entering winter, everything has become a bit out of control. We’re still working hard on this project and have made a lot of progress, but for various reasons it didn’t make it to KS, we’re sorry for that, and we will improve this.

We guarantee that there will be an official update including all the current work results before the Spring Festival, including but not limited to RDL and UN models; new pilot illustrations; printing samples of various graphic designs, packaging boxes, Tokens and cards; EMBER’s Background story and various content related to the rules. We are used to seeing KS as an important phased summary, but such a huge update often requires a lot of energy to produce. We are finding ways to improve on this.

One other small thing, a friend suggested the other day that I buy the N52 magnets, which I did, and in a couple of days we’ll see how much stronger they are compared to the original N35 magnets.

That’s all for today, I’ve got to get back to work, and once again, if anyone is interested in investing in the Queti Studio, contact me and let’s have a chat~~.

There’s no doubt that 2022 was the hardest year we’ve ever had, and now that we’re standing at the doorstep of 23 years and seeing the light, I truly believe that everything will be fine this year, and that we’ll bring you more than just what we’ll be crowdfunding in 2019.

Again, sorry for not being able to make an official update on KS.

Have a great weekend~

Encore une grosse update…

Update #39 - Dev Log 18. Happy Spring Festival

Hello everyone!

It’s been another quarter since the last official update. The extremely difficult year of 2022 has finally passed.

As the Spring Festival approaches, 2023 is waving to us, and we can finally breathe a sigh of relief:

We got the pre-production samples of the first batch of content paper products in early January, and all the molds of the first batch have also been confirmed.

Now everything is ready, and we only need to wait for the factory to start construction after the new year.

Since in the past period, we have been continuously pushing information through Dis and groups, so this time we will put a simpler journal.


· Announced that optional rules, such as « Multiple Terrain », will be added to the official rules.

Other optional rules will also be considered, such as allowing units to enter the room, more complex missile operation logic, etc.

Most of these rules are to adapt to future content, and we may gradually update them online.

However, using more rules does not mean that the game will be more fun, you may choose according to the situation.

If a competition can be held in the future, it will be the contest organizer’s decision as to which optional rules to use.

Of course, if an optional rule is very popular with players, then the organizer will most likely select it into the game.

· Signed contract of paper products.

· In mid-September, we began to receive batch 2 trial kits (T0, as of this update, all the kits made by TAKOM in the second batch have already received trial models).

Masters from White Stone Studio helped to optimize the design, so the assembly experience of the second batch is generally better than that of the first batch, and it is expected that the subsequent modification time will be shorter.

Test kits of batch 2

· Announced to make our LAB series, and then started selling at the online WF exhibition in October.

Red wax version (left) and normal version (right) of LAB-OP-01

Normal version of LAB-OP-03

Red Wax version of LAB-OP-03

The official version of the hexapod

There are some others, but I won’t show them one by one here.

· Started the construction of the cloud database, which is the basis for the QR code function on the back of the card.


· On and off studio members are being locked up at home.

· Repeatedly adjust the mold, adjust the production documents of paper products, and make balance details.

· Delivering the LAB sold on WF, and chasing after the LAB supplier to modify the details, it is difficult to figure out the supply logic of the LAB.


· From the beginning of the month, the studio members took turns working from home, and from the middle of the month, SOHO was closed again.

I babbled and moved the computer and trial kits back home, most of the time Qinghe and I worked at my house.

· Organize the relevant information of PM, and then communicate the price with various transportation contractors (until today).

Because of the size and weight of OP, the quotations we have received so far are still quite high.

Perhaps the shipping cost of a single DLC (305x160x155, weighing about 1.6-2.0kg) to the United States is about 15 dollars. Considering that an ALL-in has a package as large as 10, this shipping cost really makes us anxious, so we expect the freight rate to drop after the Chinese New Year.

· In late November, as we completed the first Chinese draft of the official version of the rules, we began to invite players to participate in the proofreading and polishing of the translation on Dis.

So far this translation channel has worked well, many players have brought us great suggestions and also helped us optimize the format of the card text.

We originally expected to start the production of the English version after the Chinese version is shipped, but we are currently discussing whether the Chinese and English versions can be produced at the same time.

· In short, at the end of November, as the progress progressed, the scene became more chaotic.

Whether it is molds, rules or Graphic, the content of the work has become a superposition of a large number of trivial matters, and all the work that needs to be finished before needs to be done in one go.


· Less than a week after the end of the lockdown, we all went home… and then one by one had bad fever…

Counting the subsequent physical discomfort and the time to take care of our families, we actually did not completely resume work until this week (January 16).

So actually the workload in December is very limited.

· January

· After the New Year’s Day holiday, we received paper samples from Longpack.

Fortunately, most of the content looked good and there were not many adjustments.

However, it is clear that it cannot be put into production before the Spring Festival, so we make good use of this last time to finalize the first batch of content.

Oh yes, we have confirmed that the paper product manufacturer is Longpack, they are very experienced board game manufacturers and have provided us with a lot of opinions and suggestions。

· Back and forth with players in Dis translation channel to fine-tune text details

We are very happy with the progress of this part.

After everyone’s cooperation and help, the current version of the card text format is the best among all versions, thank you!

· We invited 飞艇 from Dwarf Daddy Studio and 王小贱 to help with the final correction of the assemble instructions.

The two of them fought in the dark.

By the way, let us collect the estimated time required for the player to assemble (about 60 hours, you can finish the first batch of content leisurely.

· Then we spent quite a bit of effort revising the world view again.

To be precise, it is mainly about how the world of EMBER came to this point from a history similar to ours before the " Incident Signal 99676 " when players fought with the first season’s products.

This is a parallel timeline starting from 1910 (or even earlier), which tells how people discovered the relics of the moon, how to start a frenzied space race for this, how to carry out the « moon enclosure movement » again and again, how to step into the abyss of war step by step.

And when the smoke and dust of the war fell, why there were three new forces overriding the sovereign state, allowing our commander and mech squad to continue the endless battle in the ruins.

Yes, this allows us to create service records for each pilot without going against the general history, and I hope that the growth environment of these pilots can effectively pave the way for their abilities and personalities.

The companies that serve also have their own origins.

In addition, due to the technical background, the actual age of some pilots may not be consistent with the appearance, just like in " Old Man’s War ", and some other detailed settings, if you like science fiction, you will feel more or less familiar。

· Purchased and tested N52 magnets, and confirmed that N52 magnets are provided in official products, which are better than the previous ones.

· Also designed the painting of the main team on the RDL side.

Next, let’s talk about our current arrangement and some content display.

· Considering the time when the workers actually return to the factory after the Spring Festival and the time when the two sides will meet, it is estimated that the production work will start between January 30th to February 5th, depending on the factory’s arrangement, while the studio is normally arranged according to statutory holidays , start work on January 28th.

· At present, Qinghe is mainly responsible for the translation, collation and proofreading of the rules in the studio.

He is also responsible for Dis communication, group management, mold monitoring and other hard work.

· DK is mainly responsible for the final promotion of paper products, graphics, and accessories.

· I (Cyprinoid) is busy with the rest, such as PM, transportation and communication, and other miscellaneous chores.

So if you are wondering why no one is doing xxx work, or why xxx things are progressing so slowly, the main reason is usually that we can’t spare our hands

· At the end of last year, under the lead of Master 横 from Dwarf Daddy Studio, two painting masters, 长老 and 气息, brought us wonderful painting works.

When they were creating, we hadn’t finalized the final color scheme, so the two masters are free to play~

The following are photos of their works, and 长老 also recorded a video~ Thank you!

Our plan is to invite more painting masters to create example works of different styles in the future. Because of the themes and size characteristics of the mechs, no matter whether it is using military model techniques, Gundam techniques, or wargame techniques, they can have effect of different flavors.

The team in green is the work of 气息

Here is the work of 长老~

The teaching video of painting is here: 黑曜协议 ObsidianProtocol 武卒

· We will cross-check the first batch of cards for the last two times during and after the vacation, and the current card will be displayed below.

The main rules are currently not finalized, and some secondary chapters have not yet been written, and the order of some chapters needs to be adjusted.

The online document address of version for preliminary translation will be pasted below.

I would like to add here again: the paper main rule book is a content of the second batch, so after the logic of the main rules is finalized as early as September 22, no in-depth editing work has been carried out, and there will be no further changes affecting the card.

That’s all of the « Heavy Metal » pack and a set of dice, the reason why the core pack isn’t there is because. . . . Our big light box won’t fit either. . .

All dice are injection colored, not veneered

Die-cutting board, Longpack’s die-cutting board is very good workmanship, there is basically no incoherent cutting marks, and the hand feeling is also very good

The box of RDL core package is made of corrugated paper airplane box, and the size can be seen by comparing with the mech

DLCs such as Heavy Metal and Cavalry use the heaven and earth cover box.

· In addition, we will continue to promote new LAB products in the next year, including but not limited to LAB-OP-02 (UN), 1:24 resin model, and resin terrain, which have been difficult to produce due to printing problems.

The comparison between the 1:24 mech (the one in the picture is the crowdfunding model and will be updated later) and the batch 2 mech

The terrain under development - Mech gun rack, which can hold 4 AC32 rifles and 4 knives

· In terms of graphics, in addition to the paper parts introduced earlier, we also designed the team logo for the first protagonist team « Test and Evaluation Squadron 066 »~ I hope you like this meerkat too!

· The pilot is also finalized, and more and more UN pilots are visible as well.

Next, are answers to some FAQs~

· FAQ 1 « When will the shipment be shipped? »

Based on the Chinese version, production will start on February 6 at the latest after the new year, and shipment will be on March 6 one month later. This time is expected.

· FAQ 2 « I didn’t participate in crowdfunding, can I buy it? If so, when can I buy it? »

After the first batch of crowdfunding is delivered, we will announce the information of the first batch of general sales version, including content, price, and release time.

Due to cost reasons, the general version will be more expensive, and the content of the single package will also be adjusted. For details, please refer to our official information.

· FAQ 3 "Can the parts limited by crowdfunding be used in future games?”

We have always emphasized before that if an « official competition » is held, the crowdfunding limited parts will be disabled in the game, but we don’t think these parts will affect the « unofficial » battle between you and your friends.

But we’ve seen some players discussing that if we can’t use these parts in the game, then they don’t seem to make sense, so we might consider doing the following:

Apply the balance template of ordinary parts to the parts limited by crowdfunding, and then launch « normal versions » with the same performance as these parts in the future, but with different shapes, so that the parts limited by crowdfunding are only unique in shape.

This consideration has not yet been conclusively confirmed.

· FAQ 4 « The rules of the game seem complicated? »

This release is the main rules, and each chapter strives to be written clearly.

I can assure you that the main rules of the official version – will be longer, because the main rules of wargames usually need to avoid various special cases.

However, compared with other mainstream model wargame, this game is really not complicated to operate, and the number of units is not large. A 300-point battle (4~6 mechs on each side) usually ends in 40~60 minutes.

Here is the rough version of the rule demo video uploaded earlier.

Simple instructional video (Google-English ver)

· FAQ 4b « This video is too xxx »

I’m really sorry, this video is really just meant to illustrate the rules.

We are already planning this year’s video filming plan.

In 2023, we plan to produce official versions of rule teaching, painting teaching, and game strategy videos.

Please refer to the crowdfunding video for the degree of completion.

Obsidnan Protocol Rule Video

· FAQ 5 « Where did the agreed Partygame rules and ruler version rules go? »

Both of these are delayed.

We found that the partygame and ruler rules made by directly simplified the existing rule framework or directly changing the distance calculation method are not enough for playability.

The current version of the main rules has a very large degree of freedom.

The assembly of parts has a lot of tactical significance, and you can also play a lot of interesting small operations.

This is the result of careful polishing.

We hope that each game mode can have enough gameplay and be fun.

Here is an unofficial analysis of the use of mech parts created by a player, all the creative content is based on his own understanding of the game. We really appreciate him.

Obsidian Rival

· FAQ 6 « Can’t scan the QR code of the card? »

The card QR code database is still being edited in the background and has not yet been launched.

· FAQ 7: « In the past, the mechs of the RDL were called Wu Zu, Lei Gong and so on. They were very Chinese. Why did they all change? »

This is mainly because of two aspects.

The first is that after the background setting is updated, the relationship between the three major factions is further alienated from the sovereign state, and they become more independent.

Their suppliers no longer have the background of a specific sovereign state. avoid being too inclined to a single country; secondly, I hope to reduce the « misleading » of players’ understanding of the world view of the game.

The names of the components of the other two factions have never been too specific to a certain country, which makes their « character » more vague. It is more beneficial for subsequent story writing.

· FAQ 8 « You said you wrote a new timeline, where is it? Will it be changed in the future? »

It will not be released in this update yet, because I still have a few details that I want to add during the holiday.

I expect that Ember’s world view will be slightly modified in the future, but I like this version quite a bit, and it’s not much different from the previous version.

The main reason is that some settings that are too vague and not suitable for gamification have been cut off , replaced with a more traditional, more down-to-earth setting

The main modification is that in the previous version of the worldview, the concept of community was rather vague.

We hope that this is a system that is completely out of touch with geology, so that every person in the world of Ember can have two equally important Identity - Citizenship and Community Membership.

I still like this idea very much, but my ability is limited, and I can’t make this idea fall to a point where the story and worldview can be self-consistent enough, so we adopted a more conservative design instead, making the three factions the three forces in one coalition.

· FAQ 9 « Why are you doing so slowly? »

Simply put: Our ability is not enough.

To put it complicatedly: there are many things that are more difficult than we imagined, and may also exceed the imagination of many people.

After delivery, we will share the experience of reviewing the entire project for the reference of latecomers (if any), but For now, we’re still struggling.

The above is the current main content.

In addition, I’m sorry that there are still some messages on KS that I didn’t read. I will read them after the annual vacation. If there is a refund request, we will also deal with it.

2022 is really the most difficult year I have experienced since I started the Obsidian Protocol project.

All the difficulties have collided together, I believe everyone has experienced it.

2023 is finally here, judging from the situation in January, I really believe that everything will be fine, I hope all my friends can gain something in the new year and turn around.

Appendix 1 English version card list

Appendix 2 Main Rulebook - English Version - Online Documentation (Google Shared Documentation)

EMBER-Obsidian Protocol-Main Rules-

Appendix 3 Thank you list of Discord translation channel cooperation players (in no particular order)

Josh, Mcgreag, Flipswitch, PhDashing, S Wittman, Caruban, Bakga, Valthek, MrNailbrain, ThatWelshNerd, Bistromatic, BTJ, Rhyno, gyro5, Corvus Occisor, Tom Messerschmidt.

Appendix 4 Permanent invite link for Discord channel

Ember : Obsidian-Protocol

Appendix 5 Photos of the second batch mechs after primer surfacer

… et pas de date de PM…

Soon TM comme on dit. patience patience

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On n’a pas tous la main verte ni la même notion du temps

Des infos toutes fraiches, le PM arrive (vers Mars)

En gros :

  • Plus de grosses boites mais des boites par factions (core, addons de factions, dices et terrains),
  • Ceux ayant backé auront les prix du KS mais sans la possibilité de prendre plusieurs boites semblable avec ce prix,
  • Les prix vont augmenter de 20% à 40% pour les autres mais seront toujours moins chère que le prix du futur shop,
  • Ils estiment à $15 par boites pour du shipping Chine-US (voir moins chère pour certain pays d’europe),
  • Ils y aura plusieurs vagues d’envoi car tous n’est pas encore prêt, d’abord la Chine vers Avril / Mai (si tous va bien), l’anglais devrait suivre rapidement.
From Discord

1. All items that were already present during the KS fundraising campaign, whether they are major products (e.g. core packs, expansion packs) or Add-on (e.g. dice packs, terrain packs), will appear in the list of items for this PM (as Add-on).

2. We have increased the selling price of the products for reasons that will be detailed in a later section.

3. Regarding the selling price, backers of the original crowdfunding campaign should not worry, if you participated in our crowdfunding campaign in 2019, you will not be affected by the price change, in the following scheme.

For each item, there will be two versions, a « KS version » with the exact same price as in the 2019 crowdfunding campaign, and a « PM version » with a new price (expensive than in the crowdfunding campaign), the contents of the two items are identical except for the price.

4. For those who have already participated in the crowdfunding in 2019, depending on the level you have supported, you will see in the shopping cart of the PM what you have supported in the crowdfunding and you can then pay for the shipping then wait for the delivery.

At the time of the 2019 crowdfunding, many players paid the extra amount (for Add-on) but were unable to choose which Add-on to buy directly on KS, so in the PM phase, backers were given the opportunity to choose for themselves:

They could buy any Add-on for the KS price, which also included various core and expansion packs.

However, please understand that as the KS price is very low, we can only limit each backer (for each Add-on) to 1 set at this price.

If you feel that the 2019 return slot, plus add-ons in the KS price will still not meet your expansion needs, then further purchases will have to be at the PM price, which will still be below the future official selling price, but above the KS price.

If you do not participate in the crowdfunding in 2019, then you will not be able to select the KS price, but you will still be able to purchase it at the PM price for an unlimited amount of time, which is the last chance to get this crowdfunding limited product.

5. In terms of the product itself, the main change is that we have split up the original « Core Pack » and « Deluxe Core Pack » into the « RDL Core », the « UN Core », the « GOF Core », the « Match Play Pack » and the « Basic Dice Pack » 5 new sub-packs.

To summarise, you can find out what you can get when you open a PM according to the following table.

6. If you backed the « Core Pack » during the crowdfunding period, you will have in your shopping cart.
1x « RDL Core »
1x « UN Core »
1x « Match Game Pack »
1x « Basic Dice Pack »
and you can buy any Add-on (limited to 1 of each) for the KS price.

7. If you back the « Deluxe Core Pack » during the crowdfunding period, then your cart will contain
1x « RDL Core »
1x « UN Core »
1x « GOF Core »
1x « Match Game Pack »
1x « Basic Dice Pack »
and you can buy any Add-on (limited to 1 of each) for the KS price.

8. If you backed the « Warlord » slot during the crowdfunding period, then your cart will contain
1x « RDL Core »
1x « UN Core »
1x « GOF Core »
1x « Match Game Pack »
1x « Basic Dice Pack »
1x « Heavy Metal Expansion Pack »
1x « Tie-Ji Expansion Pack »
1x « Scalpel Expansion Pack »
1x « Door Breaker Expansion Pack »
1x « Hunter Expansion Pack »
1x « Justice Expansion Pack »
And you can buy any Add-on for the KS price (limit 1 of each).

9. If you backed the « Seed » slot during the crowdfunding period, none of the products will appear in your cart, but you will have a £1 balance to spend and you can buy any Add-on (limited to 1 of each) at the KS price.

10. If you did not participate during the crowdfunding period, but joined this PM, then you can still purchase any of the Add-ons (including the various core and expansion packs) at a price higher than the 2019 KS price, but not higher than the official future price.

11. With these adjustments, the differences between the terrain models and paper goods from the Core Pack or Deluxe Core Pack have been eliminated and put into the « Match Game Pack » with the new standard.

The terrain models are being redesigned once again to make them more suitable for the latest version of the game.

The new terrain models will no longer be « 2inch boxes », but will be an expandable building system consisting of ground and 3" high walls.

These new terrain models will be adapted in the future to fit optional roofs or form multi-storey buildings, with single-storey spaces for infantry and drones, and double-storey or higher spaces for mechs.

12. FAQ1: Why is there a price increase? Approximately how much will it increase?

A: Simply put, our costs exceeded by a lot, so the original selling price was unhealthy, the PM price is 20% to 40% higher compared to the KS price.

So far in 2019, we have used up all the funds raised on KS and Modian and added an additional RMB 3 million at the end of 2021.

We used about 1.5 million of that to kick off another long-term project under the Ember worldview, but even without that portion, the overall cost was beyond expectations, and in fact, our crowdfunding selling price wouldn’t cover the cost if we just went by current shipments.

I have no doubt that we made many mistakes and caused a lot of wasted resources throughout the duration of the project, but I’m also pretty sure that we learned how to make a quality product and are perfecting it.

I believe the market is receptive to such work and we have many more great and interesting ideas, but the whole project should move forward in a healthy and sustainable state of profitability if we hope to bring them to fruition.

The All-in slot in our KS edition price means getting 25 mechs, 37 drones, and 142 extra parts for only £280, and I’m really happy as a gamer to share such a product with you guys----it looks great, has plenty of content, is good enough for me to play for a long time and is cheap enough.

But over the last 3 years I’ve also been forced to learn to see things from an operator’s perspective - for a product that doesn’t have huge sales (say 100,000+ units), such pricing means that the company’s cash flow is extremely fragile, and we want to make a series that we can keep developing and keep updating --which is a disaster.

13. FAQ2: Why is it set up so that only crowdfunders can buy at KS prices?

A: Because at the end of the day, the crowdfunders are the cornerstone of the project and without your support we wouldn’t even be able to take the first step at all.

I was hoping that all players would be able to buy any Add-on for the KS price, but we just, really couldn’t do it.

14. FAQ3: Approximate range of shipping costs?

A: At the end of 2022, we were given a quote of roughly $15 per DLC or Core, shipped to the US, roughly similar for Japan and Australia, and cheaper for some countries in Europe.

This quote is being updated now and the contractor has indicated that it will be at its lowest in April-May, but it will be difficult to reduce it significantly as each of our boxes has a size of 300150150 (which will be a bit bigger when you include the outer box).

Also, due to what was said earlier, our product margins are too low to subsidize shipping costs, so all we can promise here is that if we do get a lower shipping cost by then, I will return the extra shipping cost given by the player.

15. FAQ4: What will be shipped in the first batch, and approximately when?

A: Our first batch will include:
« RDL Core »
« Heavy Metal Expansion Pack »
« Tie-Ji Expansion Pack »
« Basic Dice Pack »
« Add-on’s Dice Pack »
« Add-on’s Terrain Blanket »

Some of these products are now in production, with the Chinese version on modian expected to be ready within March, and the English version now having a chance to follow suit, I think if it goes well, to be sent out in the lowest shipping period of April/May.

The Japanese version will start translation work after the English version is submitted, and the exact production time will depend on the translation progress.

Most of the mech molds in batch 2 are already at T0 (you’ve seen a lot of test pieces before) and we’ll start refining them this month, but I’d like to add the « Match Game Pack » to batch 2, so we need to get the funding sorted as soon as possible to start working on the molds for the terrain packs.

16. FAQ5: What if the PM money is too low? What money will you use to produce the second batch?

A: I would go and borrow money and also consider selling the project, in any case there are still back-up options.

I certainly hope the project will turn up, because we really have a lot of great stuff to do and I’m sure you’ll love the cool stuff.

But if we can’t raise enough money at the PM stage, then I’ll just have to make sure the whole project gets delivered and everyone gets their stuff, and the subsequent plans will have to be scrapped.

17. Taking the above together, you can also give any ideas and comments you may have.

This PM plan above is a carefully considered plan that we have made and we hope that it will satisfy the maximum number of players, but if there are indeed serious problems then we will take questions and try to optimise it.

18. After collating the information and creating the FAQ, we will post the plans for the PM on the KS update.

The PM is an important part of the whole project and it is almost like a second crowdfunding for this project.

We expect it to be strong enough to support the project going forward, but more than that, we hope it will make the players happy and satisfied.
After actually sending it out I realized it seemed a bit too much to write, so maybe I should just put it on KS as an update.:joy: