The Grid Game - Livraison février 2021

Ouaip le mexique c’est pas la bonne année…et je peux comprendre que nos jeux passe en deuxième plan…

Rhaaa c’est pas beau de faire ressortir ce topic, j’avais réussi à l’oublier ce jeu…

résiste…résiste… résiste…c’est trop cher…gnnnnnn

Vous avez pris quel pledge vous ?

moi le plus petit pour jouer avec la plus petite de mes filles :slight_smile:

Le petit également.

Les lates Pledges sont encore possibles?

J’ai l’impression oui.

Bon zut, si je prends, il me faudrait carrément la version « original », pour les soirées-jeux que j’organise. Un peu chérot, surtout si tous les médias continuent de nous moubourrer avec JoA…

a priori il y a eu un update mais toujours pas accès étant un late pledger

Dans la dernière update, ils estiment finir pour le mois de Mars.

Hello friends!

I know it took us a little longer to do this update, as I told you last week I was waiting for something to come and that was our first batch of boxes. they came and they look awesome. we have been working so hard to have perfect quality in the production, I personally have been at factory almost everyday checking and testing the pieces that come out. I have also been in charge of the supply chain to the assembly line with the help of Ismael (it is in another factory at the northwest of the city) And even Ismael and I have been working with our hands to fine tune the pieces to have excelent quality.

Here are some photos of this last month and specially this last week! hope you enjoy our progress and our work, we will keep taking photos when we are at the factories!

Some of the problems we have faced ... broken drill bits.Some of the problems we have faced ... broken drill bits.
We are not kidding, our hands are dirty of hard work!We are not kidding, our hands are dirty of hard work!
First batch of boxes are here!First batch of boxes are here!
pallets of trays!pallets of trays!
trays for the starter editions also came in the first batch!trays for the starter editions also came in the first batch!
analizing quality to have only the best!analizing quality to have only the best!
every part is carefully extracted of the cutting boardevery part is carefully extracted of the cutting board
Boards waiting to be extracted!Boards waiting to be extracted!
Games aligned ready to be packed!Games aligned ready to be packed!
A tray of Rad tiles ready to go inside the box!A tray of Rad tiles ready to go inside the box!
A tray of Original tiles!A tray of Original tiles!
Packaging is happening!Packaging is happening!
Full box!Full box!
a lot of space needed to store your games.a lot of space needed to store your games.

With regards to the shipping date, we have analyzed all the processes in the schedule and some of them are taking much longer than expected (ie. cutting is done by just one cnc because of the precision required, assembly is done in a separate facility and we have to transport the little romboids two times a week to keep the flow going, sometimes this flow is interrupted because a drill bit broke, every romboid has to be checked and replaced if necessary, or holidays, etc). After said analysis, our expected completion date is the month of March. We do apologize for the delays especially because many of you wanted to have the game by the end of the year; but rest assured you will recieve your games. Our priority has been to make a great looking, high quality game. We have had to go through unforeseen events, but we keep pushing forward to get you your games in your hands ASAP.

Thank you again for your support and understanding. Happy Holidays to all of you!

The Grid Game crew!

Rien que pour la prod artisanale, je suis ravi d’attendre.

Ouaip je me suis dis pareil !

c’est pénible les update réservé aux pledger…

En gros ils sont dans le rouge apres de la casse de matos de 15 K dolls… et demande juste de la patience :

Hello Friends,

We have not been communicating at the level that would make for a comfortable and smooth campaign for all of you. We are a Studio with a small team in Mexico. We all have been mostly focusing our attention in all the tasks related to production, purchasing and all administrative and logistical matters associated with said tasks. However, we now clearly understand how important is to keep you up to date; and just as we have solved the different problems that have emerged we are solving the communication problem by designating one team member with the task to keep all of you informed at least once a month no matter what. His name is Alberto and he has committed to make and send communications on time.

As for the update, things are still challenging. We began production as was mentioned on the last update, we were making progress and then beginning January the electrospindle on the CNC machine broke. It was unfortunate as we had hired assembly personnel and they need the romboids in order to do their jobs. We have renegotiated the down times and things are handled on that front. Nevertheless, it has not been easy getting a replacement part because they do not make them in Mexico. The vendor has been working hard at sourcing the part and we have been helping him out all along by reaching out to international vendors to get it. Fortunately, a few days ago we found the right vendor and are now sourcing the part and having it flown. We expect to resume production next week. The reason we only work with this CNC vendor is twofold. We know him for many years, he lets us come in and work directly with the technician and floor workers as needed and he is the only one who gave us a price that was still workable with the funds we have. It has not been an easy ride at all. When the CNC producer in Portugal backed out from producing the game we not only had to scramble to find another CNC but also all the other vendors for packaging, printing, assembly and shipping. Moreover, we had to learn how to import raw materials into Mexico and pay the corresponding shipping and related taxes and all of this with a fixed budget. The production of the tiles, the assembly and the packaging are all paid for but, according to shipping quotes, we are about 15,000 usd short for shipping. Don’t be concerned, we will pay for said difference. It has been our desire all along for our game to just be a fun experience for you. The only thing we ask is that you bear with us a little longer. Since we had this new complication with the spindle it has set us further back and the new shipping date is scheduled for May.

We will continue to work on your games and look forward to our next update with better news.

The Grid Game Team

Ça pue quand même pas maleurq histoires…

C sent surtout le truc de collection oui. Car pour ce que ca sous entend c’est qu’ils ont une boite qui fait du travail du bois et qui a essayé un truc (se lancer dans les jeux) et qu’au final ca ne restera qu’une expérience…


Don’t be concerned, we will pay for said difference. It has been our desire all along for our game to just be a fun experience for you

C’est à la base, un studio de design (architecture et mobiliers).

Il faut ajouter à leurs déboires les catastrophes naturelles survenues au Mexique l’année dernière qui les ont impactées, heureusement sans faire de victime dans leur équipe.

Oui, quand vous aurez le jeu, il aura surement une valeur collector !

Bon, je vais craquer finalement… (en fait j’ai animé une soirée-jeux dans un Café Villageois, et le chapeau m’a offert une quarantaine d’euros ; comme c’est pour réinvestir dans des jeux, je trouve que celui-là (qui me fait de l’œil depuis longtemps) correspond pas mal à l’esprit Café Villageois. Et hop, un pledge justifié !!!

Vous qui avez eu les updates, y’a eu d’autres photos montrant les différences entre le couleurs ? Parce que c’est pas évident de choisir…

Il relance une campagne indiegogo (pour boucher les trous?)

Etrange personne pour relancer le sujet malgré de dernier update

alors le souci c’est qu’en étant late pledge je n’ai pas les news donc pas possible de commenter

ça n’a pas l’air de marcher trop bien comme campagne de toute façon…

Dommage qu’ils n’aient pas fait un pack avec les 3 types de tuiles avec un bon tarif.

Moi j’en suis toujours à hésiter sur quelle couleur prendre… Vous qui avez les actus d’ailleurs, vous savez jusqu’à quand le late pledge sera ouvert ?

des gesn on des news ?