Twisted Fables - par Diemension Games

Jeu de duel à base de cartes entre personnages féminins de contes transformés en combattantes cyberpunk.

Pledges : jeu à $35 (30€) ou en Deluxe avec extensions, mode 2v2, tapis… pour $75 (64€)
Frais de port : en sus, estimés à $16/21 selon le pledge. CH: $20/25, CA: $18/24

Bilan : 2703 contributeurs ont engagé 162 330 $ pour soutenir ce projet

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Jeu totalement différent de leur production préalable, vu qu’il n’y aura pas de figs. Ce sera un deckbuilder en mode baston (1 contre 1 ou 2 contre 2) dans lequel les joueurs incarneront des personnages féminins de contes de fées qui ont mal tourné. Exemple avec les deux premières héroïnes dévoilées, le Petit Chaperon Rouge et Blanche Neige :

Red Riding Hood Character Sheet (WIP)

Snow White Character Sheet (WIP)

Aucune idée de quand ils prévoient ça, mais le jeu (du moins, ces deux persos) sera jouable à la GenCon, alors, courant 2020, probablement…

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Byron a teasé cette photo sir la page FB de Dimension Games… Je pense que ça doit correspondre à ce projet

Petite vidéo dévoilant leurs prochains jeux à la Gencon 2019 :

Ça commence par Dawn of Madness, puis :

  • Celestial à 7 min 25
  • Twisted Fables à 10 min 45

Twisted Fables en approche… On va en savoir plus dès la semaine prochaine, surtout niveau gameplay.

Welcome to Twisted Fables Friday!

Twisted Fables is a fast-paced fairy tale fighting game inspired by old-school 2D arcade fighters. In Twisted Fables, players take on the roles of beloved heroines (or villains) from some of history’s most famous stories, myths, and legends. Plucked from their traditional settings, the women find themselves thrown into a world of cybernetic assassins, magical manipulations, and malevolent darkness. These are not the classic characters you remember, but rather superpowered fables drawn from their own lands to battle across sweeping, bizarre alternate dimensions and realities. What mysterious force has brought them together? What is the purpose of their war? Only the Weaver of Tales knows for sure.

Driven by deck building, Twisted Fables is a game for two players in 1v1 Mode or four players in 2v2 Mode. In the game, each warrior will strengthen their abilities, learn potent new skills, unlock devastating special powers, and use unique asymmetric strategies to defeat their opponents. Even the same character may display utterly different fighting styles depending on her player’s decisions. The various specializations a fable can choose from not only provide fantastically flexible tactical choices but also offer one more layer of depth and surprise to this frenetic, frantic fighter. Twisted Fables brings a highly interactive experience to deck builders that you’ll want to come back to again and again.

Next week, we will start to reveal the characters in the game and the main gameplay mechanisms. Stay tuned, and be sure to like the page to see the latest reveals!

Tiens, ça m’étonne que personne n’ai relayé les dernières images publiées sur Facebook…
Toujours intrigué par ce jeu, je trouve que les illustrations vont du "wahouuu " à du « gnéééé ?.. »

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Et lu dans les commentaires:

It is actually more of a hybrid than a complete card game. There’s a game board as well as miniatures (or standees, if you prefer), but it is driven by deck-building. Each fable has three supply decks you can pull from, allowing for unique strategies every game, as well as standard decks available to everyone. The game is designed to play fast with epic combos and extremely different strengths and weaknesses for each fable. Hope that helps a little bit!

Ainsi que:

we’re currently shooting for a September release.

Je trouve qu’on est plus dans le wahou, personnellement… :wink:

Et vu la DA et les couleurs, ils peuvent même envisager un crossover avec Gaijin… :grin:

Nouvelles images avec Blanche neige cette fois… Çà claque !!

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Et le petit historique:

When the princess Snow White was a teenager, she was declared the loveliest girl in all the land. Her stepmother, the queen, grew increasingly jealous of her and determined to have Snow White murdered. Snow White ran away into the deep woods, taking refuge with seven dwarves, but, when she heard that her stepmother intended to poison her, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She had learned some of her stepmother’s dark magic throughout the years, so it was no problem to change the seven dwarves into vicious serpents. Then, fighting poison with poison, Snow White worked her way back through the kingdom to her parents’ castle, bent on revenge. She ransacked the castle with her snakes and followers until, at last, she reached the king and queen. She slew both her parents, forcing her stepmother to eat a poisoned apple identical to the one she had made for Snow, then seized control of the kingdom. Snow White usurped her stepmother’s magic, wielding it to become an iron-fisted, tyrannical queen. She ruled her kingdom through fear and magic for many years, advancing against and claiming the neighboring lands one by one, until something unusual happened. The very air seemed to shatter, and Snow White stepped through into a new world - one that sizzled with a magic all its own. Snow White intends to conquer this strange new land, becoming the Empress of the Known Worlds. And, with the Weaver of Tales’s help, she may accomplish just that.

EDIT: Et celui du Chaperon Rouge:

When Red was a teenager, her family was targeted and brutally murdered by a clandestine organization known as the Bad Wolves - as was Red herself. That’s why she was so surprised when she awoke sometime later, her body now a strange hybrid of human and machine. Vowing vengeance on the merciless monsters who slaughtered all she held dear, Red disappeared, trying to come to grips with who she now was and what she could do. She discovered there was something inside her: a ghost in the machine that was her body. Or, rather, a wolf. As she and the wolf came to understand and embrace each other, Red slowly became the means for her vengeance: a vigilante assassin, hunting down criminal syndicates across her city. The Bad Wolves fell, as did so many others. But the web of corruption didn’t end with them. There was someone behind them all, pulling their strings. Red heard whispers that this person was known only as the Weaver of Tales. And whoever this person was, the Weaver was making some big - and dangerous - moves: things that could alter the very fabric of reality. Red won’t rest until she stops the Weaver. She just hopes she’ll be able to find the shadowy puppet master before it’s too late.

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À voir son expression dans la deuxième illustration, elle n’apprécie clairement pas qu’on se paie sa pomme (à défaut de poire)… :grin:

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Au tour de la Belle au bois dormant ^^

Twisted Fables is a fast and furious deck-building board game for 2 or 4 players inspired by 2D fighting games, and it’s coming soon to Kickstarter from Diemension Games! (Be sure to like the Twisted Fables FB page to stay up-to-date on all the latest news!) Today we wanted to introduce you to a very different take on one of folklore’s heroines: Sleeping Beauty.
On Sleeping Beauty’s 16th birthday, her family was shocked to discover the young woman trapped in what they thought was a coma. It soon became apparent that wasn’t strictly accurate, though: the teenager still mumbled and moved fitfully, her eyes fluttering open before sinking shut again. And occasionally, she would even rouse enough to interact with the strange, shadowy beings that flickered periodically into the room around her. Her family tried everything they could to bring her out of her stupor, but nothing worked. As such, they were almost relieved when men arrived at their home from a mental institution, saying they had come to take Sleeping Beauty away. Her parents hoped she would finally be able to recover. She didn’t. But, eventually, she did wake up.
The institution was not truly an asylum, but rather a facility that specialized in studying “gifted” individuals. They ran innumerable tests on the girl, treating her terribly as they strove mercilessly to find what made her tick. They restrained her as they inflicted their barbaric treatments on her. Ultimately, it was one of their failed experiments that woke the teen and doomed them all. When Sleeping Beauty awoke, she was disturbingly changed. It was as if black shadow oozed from her eyes and down her cheeks. And, when she stood, snapping her bonds like twine, it was as if she opened a gateway to another world: a place filled with living, sentient shadows. Otherworldly beings flooded the asylum, raging against their chosen vessel’s captors. As the institution rang with the screams of doctors and orderlies, Sleeping Beauty strode dreamily out the front doors and into the wide world beyond, never bothering to look back at the destruction left in her wake.

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elle fait peur mémère…

Ce jeu et cette DA semblent totalement déjantés …

It’s time to meet another of Twisted Fable’s fighters! Let’s go down the rabbit hole and meet Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts - who all inhabit the same body. Be sure to follow the Twisted Fables page to get all the latest updates!

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Twisted sister dans twisted fables?


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Je rajoute l’historique d’Alice:

Today we’re going down the rabbit hole to meet Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts - who all inhabit the same body.

Alice lived in a utopia of marvelous madness. She and her fellow Heart City citizens spent every day smoking the state-mandated hooka while flitting from one curiosity to the next, undone by fits of raucous laughter. Alice was simultaneously a highly regarded socialite, an adept inventor, and the beloved magician called the Mad Hatter. One day, she discovered a way of utilizing magic and science to transfer her consciousness into her automaton companion, the Cheshire Cat. This development proved to be great fun, until the day the Cheshire Cat wandered somewhere it wasn’t supposed to go. Alice found herself in a chamber filled with society’s highest elite. An ethereal being stood before them: it was something like a woman, but its red-tinted substance seemed to fluctuate in and out of reality. It disturbed Alice in a way she had never experienced before. The others in the room bowed and scraped to this woman as if she were some sort of goddess, which she repaid by summoning the hookas’ crimson contents out of her very being, her eyes burning as red as the smoke. The people prostrated themselves, then swarmed the hookas she had filled, sucking deeply.

Alice watched, aghast, as the society’s leaders stumbled backward in uproarious laughter. She realized what the hooka smoke was now: an opiate to keep the masses docile and unquestioning, supplied by a woman barely classifiable as human. Her whole society was a lie fueled by a strange, otherworldly entity. That day, Alice stopped smoking the hooka and created a new alias for herself: the clandestine freedom fighter that people dubbed the Queen of Hearts. Alice immediately faced intense hostility from the state authorities, but that only served to convince her that her actions were right. She kept up her appearances as the socialite and the magician to throw people off her trail, using the Cheshire Cat for stealth and the Queen when circumstances required a more direct approach. In this way, she fought to free her people. Alice would reclaim her world from this otherworldly madness, no matter the cost. It was time her city woke up.

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Et maintenant Mulan qui n’a pas l’air contente …

Traveling to the edge of the solar system, we find Mulan waging a war against the seemingly unstoppable biomechanical invaders, the necrovenge.
It was a day that survivors would forever remember as the beginning of humanity’s fall. The necrovenge came from the stars, their armada breaching the solar system’s rim. Initially, diplomats sought an agreement with these new arrivals. But, after the necrovenge quartered every ambassador for parts, it quickly became apparent the intruders weren’t interested in peace. The young Mulan volunteered to fight, quickly climbing the ranks due to a distinctive ability: her father had trained her to channel her inner qi, harnessing it as a weapon. Becoming the division leader of an elite group of interstellar shock troops, Mulan found other qi-wielders like herself to forge an intimidating unit. Her division soon became the beacon of hope for humanity, and they pressed forward relentlessly against the necrovenge.
At last, on an outpost near the solar system’s edge, Mulan’s force engaged the necrovenge in a critical battle. Unfortunately, Mulan was too cocky and too reliant on the military’s support – both of which proved disastrous. When things grew tough, the fleet withdrew, stranding Mulan and her soldiers just as the necrovenge surged. The skeletal cyborgs exterminated her entire division. Of them all, only Mulan escaped with her life, though even she lost her right arm. Crippled emotionally and physically, Mulan retreated to a backwater outpost mostly unnoticed by both humans and necrovenge, forsaking the army that had first abandoned her. Humanity suffered multiple crushing defeats after that. The necrovenge seethed into the solar system, this time pressing onward to earth. Finally, Mulan realized her loathing for the military mustn’t outweigh her hatred of the necrovenge. She couldn’t watch her species struggle and die any longer. So, she built a new arm for herself – one she could manipulate with her qi and wield as a powerful weapon. Then she struck out as a lone avenger, set on inflicting a swath of destruction across the stars. Perhaps she couldn’t save humanity. But, at the least, the necrovenge would know that she and her people had caused them pain.

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Aujourd’hui présentation de Kaguya…

This week we’re going to meet a lesser-known fable: Kaguya, the half-goddess, half-monster.
The full moon loomed in the sky on the night the couple found the baby bundled up outside their front door, a bamboo shinai sword by her side. The couple found no sign of the child’s family, so they raised her as their own. Early on, Kaguya could tell she didn’t fit in, so she mainly kept to herself. She spent countless hours in quiet introspection. When she turned sixteen, her parents gave her the bamboo sword they had found next to her the night she arrived. As Kaguya took the sword, she felt like she had regained a missing piece of herself. She began practicing with her sword every day until, finally, her inner monster woke up.
Kaguya’s back arched as strange images flashed before her eyes: She saw a moon goddess fusing with a monstrous Yao Guai, creating something part-deity and part-beast. She watched the court of the gods banish the goddess. She observed the being hurtling toward earth – When Kaguya came to, she felt something dark stirring inside her. It pressed outward, turned her fingers into claws. With a jolt, Kaguya realized something horrific lived beneath her skin. Kaguya entered a daily struggle to either suppress the being or expel it all together, and that’s when she started to feel the others. There were more terrors loose in her city: evil entities that stalked the streets. She could sense them as surely as she knew when she was hungry. Perhaps they were indeed human, or maybe they weren’t. Regardless, their scent called out to her. So, as the blood moon rose, Kaguya began a two-fold quest: first, to bring an end to the evils lurking in her city’s black depths, and, second, to discover what she was and how to purge the beast that she could feel lurking within. Could she use her darkness to carve the cancer out of her metropolis? Could her good deeds cleanse her tarnished soul? Kaguya intended to find out.

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Aujourd’hui preview des boîtes avec version standard - standees et deluxe - figurines… bientôt page draft du KS à venir.

Ready for a twisted new take on your favorite fairy tale heroines in a card-driven smackdown? Twisted Fables is a fast and furious deck-building board game for 2 or 4 players inspired by 2D fighting games, and it’s coming soon to Kickstarter from Diemension Games! (Be sure to like the Twisted Fables FB page to stay up-to-date on all the latest news!) This week we wanted to show you the box for the game. Actually, I suppose it’s boxes!

Twisted Fables is going to have two editions: a standard edition with six Fables, two plastic fable boards, and standees, as well as a deluxe edition that will have ten Fables, miniatures, a neoprene game mat, plastic tokens, four plastic fable boards, foil epic cards, and a two-layer storage system. And the cost for both versions… might surprise you.

We’ll have more information about the gameplay, editions, and remaining fables as we draw closer to launch! (And a Kickstarter preview page is coming soon, too!) Be sure to like the page so you don’t miss any info!

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Dans les commentaires facebook ils disent que des versions localisées sont en discussion pour etre proposées après la campagne, qui elle, ne proposera que l’anglais.

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