Dante: Inferno - par Creative Games Studio - livraison en août 2025

Étrange :thinking:
J’ai bien le numéro dans le mail de confirmation (le jour du pledge)


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Perso c’est mon ID qui est inscrit, par contre j’ai bien le numéro backer dans mes projets comme la indiqué @Belmue

Pour ceux que ça intéresse, j’ai finalement gardé mon pledge (pledge de base), premier pledge de l’année je suis fier d’avoir tenu jusqu’au 29 février !

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Moi aussi 1er pledge de l’année mais j’ai été un peu moins raisonnable

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J’ai pris une core box avec en prime Dante le poète. On est super contents qu’il y ai une version standees. Ca nous laisse 2 ans voir un peu plus pour trouver des stl qui collent au thème (on en a déjà repéré un paquet), les imprimer et les peindre.
Cette campagne « printer friendly » est top. On est lassé d’avoir des figs obligatoires dans les boîtes, quand on voit la différence de qualité entre les boîtes de jeu et celles qu’on imprime (ainsi que le prix de revient).

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Certes mais à ce moment-là Dante n’est pas pour toi (je ne parle pas de toi précisément hein). Ce que je veux dire, c’est que la proposition est connue depuis le début : 9 cercles, pour chaque cercle une partie narrative qui amène au combat contre le boss du cercle en question, rinse and repeat.

Ceux qui regrettent un manque de contenu le font par rapport à ce qu’ils souhaitaient que le jeu soit, pas par rapport à ce que CGS a toujoursi indiqué vouloir faire. Mais ça, c’est inhérent aux campagnes de financement participatif.

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y a t-il un parisien avec qui je pourrais me greffer pour une pledge de base standee à l’ouverture du PM?

normalement il y aura des late pledge

PM et LP ouverts…

Update #21 - Late Pledge is live

The gates to Dante’s Late Pledge are now open, beckoning you to embark on an epic journey through the challenges of Inferno. Prepare to confront the 36 unique Boss Battles that await you, as you delve deeper into the depths of the underworld.

Dear Champions,

We come bearing thrilling news for our esteemed community: the Dante Late Pledge is now officially open! It’s with immense pride that our team unveils our campaign’s vision, offering backers—both returning and new—a unique chance to tailor their orders to their preferences.

Over the past 6 weeks, our team has dedicated its efforts to refining the narrative aspect of the Exploration phase in our game. In addition to this, we are finalizing the files for the creation and for the release of the second Circle, featuring Achilles on Tabletop Simulator (TTS). These developments signify our commitment to enhancing the gameplay and overall experience of Dante: Inferno, ensuring that our backers receive nothing short of excellence.

Join us now and seize the opportunity to shape your own adventure in DANTE: Inferno!

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you In the Late Pledge:

  • Detailed list of our Bundle Products;
  • Exciting Add-ons;
  • A brand-new Exclusive 9 Circles card Game inspired by Dante;
  • A detailed rundown of all Stretch Goals unlocked during the campaign

To our returning backers, welcome back to the fold! And to those joining us for the first time, a warm welcome to our campaign. Our journey into the depths of the Inferno alongside Dante has been nothing short of exhilarating. Together, we’ve embarked on the ambitious endeavor of translating Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece into a captivating board game experience. But our journey doesn’t end here—far from it. We’re committed to continuously refining and improving our project, and that’s where your invaluable feedback comes in. Rest assured, your voices will always be heard as we strive to create the best possible gaming adventure for all.

Detailed List of our Bundle Products:

Eternal Pledge- This all-in pledge contains DANTE: Inferno, DANTE: Inferno - Charon’s Ferry (stretch goals), DANTE: Inferno - Coliseum (daily unlocks), and all add-ons neatly packed into an ultimate collector box. Triad of Abyss and Forteller Narration not included.

Eternal Pledge LATE PLEDGE ALL In- All from the Eternal Box plus Triad of Abyss, and Dice Tray.

Crusader Pledge- This pledge level includes DANTE: Inferno - Core Box, DANTE: Inferno - Charon’s Ferry (stretch goals), DANTE: Inferno - Coliseum (daily unlocks) and the Character Miniature Pack.

Explorer Pledge- This pledge level includes DANTE: Inferno - Core Box, DANTE: Inferno - Charon’s Ferry (stretch goals), and DANTE: Inferno - Coliseum (daily unlocks).


Forteller- Forteller will elevate your gaming experience to a whole new level as they bring each passage and guide you through the treacherous circles of Hell with the captivating voices of their actors. Every plot twist will be enhanced by atmospheric storytelling that will deepen your connection to the characters and their fates. Don’t just play DANTE: Inferno — experience it, with Forteller’s narration turning a simple board game night into a tale of legends.

9 Circles Game (not an expansion, but a separate card game) ;

Play in a Stand Alone Game as Generals of the Order (not an expansion, but a separate card game) trying to find their way through Hell while competing with each other for prestige with the Leader of the Order. Along the way, the Generals will be tempted and confronted by the guardians of each of the nine circles of hell.

9 Circles is an area domination Trick-Taking Game, for 2 to 4 players where players will have 27 rounds to get the most points while trying to avoid sins. But be careful, in Hell nothing is so predictable! The game can be over immediately if you are too perceptive or indulge in sins! With 27 intense rounds to outmaneuver your rivals and accumulate points, every decision counts. But beware – in Hell, the unexpected lurks around every corner, and one misstep could lead to your downfall. Will you emerge victorious, or succumb to the allure of sin?

Dante: Inferno Official T-shirt:

Stand Out in Style: Unique T-shirts for the Unique Dante Player.

Dice Tray;

Unleash your fate on this epic Dice Tray and seize victory like never before!

Sleeve Pack;

This pack is designed to protect your entire game. If you’re not an Eternal backer, you may end up with surplus sleeves. It includes 5 packs of mini-USA, 11 packs of standard cards, and 4 packs of tarot. Each pack contains 100 sleeves.

Character Miniature Pack:

-Character Miniature Pack component summary:

9 Champions Miniatures

12 Minions Miniatures

11 Large Malefactor Miniatures

2 Huge Malefactor Miniatures

Additional champions bring new takes on traditional concepts. Gadisa, for example, is a Mercenary focused on mitigating damage, like a “Tank”. Brutus (Tainted), however, specializes in inflicting damage. A role that is assigned to Caedan (Outlaw). Therefore, with the new Champions, you can create compositions for your Team that best suit your playing style. Note that there are no coincidences: 4 Roles (Tank, Support, Marksman and Trickster), 4 Archetypes (Mercenary, Devotee, Artist and Renegade) and 4 Champion Packs (Corebox, Stretch Goals, Pristine and Tainted). Place it on the tip of the pencil and you have the perfect Matrix. Each Archetype has a Champion destined for each role, mixing the two concepts. In total, we have 16 Champions with unique notes and unique abilities, made from the creative, delicate and balanced combination of these game elements!

Pristine Champion Pack;

-Pristine Champion Pack component summary:

4 Champion Miniatures

4 Champion Standees

16+ Champion Cards

76+ Unique Maneuver Cards

4 Starting Gear

Tainted Champion Pack:

-Tainted Champion Pack component summary:

4 Champion Miniatures

4 Champion Standees

16+ Champion Cards

76+ Unique Maneuver Cards

4 Starting Gear

Triad of Abyss;

This triad of epic monsters will increase the number or Showdowns in the main campaign from 9 to 12 You can also ficht them in the Coliseum Arena and as Ouick Fight battles.

Triad of Abyss component summary:

3 New Battles in the Main Campaign

3 Malefactor Miniatures

3 Malefactor Standees

6+ Malefactor Cards

50+ Malefactor Action Cards

Environment Miniature Pack;

Transform every showdown into a visually captivating experience with the

Environment Miniatures Tailored to enhance the thematic essence of the game, this set includes detailed plastic alternatives for all cardboard furniture pieces from the Core box and unlocked Stretch Goals.

-Environment Miniature Pack component summary;

4 Small Pillar Miniatures

4 Big Pillar Miniatures

4 Stair Miniatures

4 Palisade Miniatures

4 Chest Miniatures

5+ Chanter Euclusive Miniature

Deluxe Terrain;

Exchange the base terrain trays for 6 Detailed Deluxe Terrain Models!

Crafted from lightweight, high-quality plastic, this exquisite terrain

models are designed to captivate with their intricate infernal aesthetic.

Transform your showdowns into stunning landscapes enhancing the

visual narrative of every encounter. Adds 6 Deluxe Terrains.

Deluxe Player Trays;

These custom modular two-piece trays will make handling your

champions a breeze. They are made of light plastic, resistant to the

wear, and include recesses to make sure your components will stay

where they should. Built-in card holders and a handy Vigor slider


4 Vigor Trackers and 4 Two-Piece Modular Character Trays.

Metal Tokens;

20 + Metal Tokens- Feel the weight of the Deluxe Metal Tokens in your hands while their clinking resonate in a symphony of triumph.

Dice Pack;

36 extra Dice- Get 3 extra sets of Custom Dice to have an individual color for each

of the Character Classes. With red dice set from the Core Box, each

player will have their own personalized set available during the


Neoprene Double-sided Playmat;

Enjoy the double-stitched high quality Confrontation and Exploration board.

Dante Poet Miniature;

Author of the Divine Comedy and inventor of Terza Rima, Dante is a perfectionist and abuses of details to achieve the greatest feats.

Art Book;

Enjoy our visual approach to the universe described by Dante through this Artbook. See concept sketches of your favorite characters, places, and objects. This book is purely aesthetic and does not add any gameplay variety to your Campaign.

As we wrap up this update, we extend a warm invitation to all our backers, both old and new, to join our Late Pledge and become part of our vibrant community. With an array of exciting offerings, including our captivating narrative story and thrilling battles to conquer the depths of Inferno, there’s never been a better time to join the Last Crusade.

Rest assured, we are committed to working tirelessly to bring you the best gaming experience possible.

So come, embark on this epic journey with us and become the hero you were meant to be! Enjoy the adventure!


Team CGS

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C’est moi qui bug où on ne peut pas choisir la langue?

C’est le late pledge, pas encore le pledge manager. On ne peut pas non plus payer les fdp pour l’instant.
On peut juste ajouter des add-on pour l’instant (ou les contacter par ticket si on veut changer de pledge sans perdre la triade des abysses, apparemment ils rencontrent des bugs^^)

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Et ils n’ont pas encore ajouté le bonus 48h (Dante). Donc c’est pas encore au point pour la partie complétion du pledge…

Comme dit @Belmue , c’est juste une ouverture du late pledge

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Y’a l EB et la piste de dés de leur cote a jouter également non ?

Ça dépend si t’as pledgé durant la campagne et pendant les premières 48h pour le dice tray.
Si c’est le cas, tu n’as rien à rajouter (hors appli foreteller, pack de sleeves, jeu de cartes ou t shirt qui sont inclus dans aucun pledge)

Édit: j’ai mal lu, oui, c’est ça, ils vont les rajouter :slight_smile: je vais me boire un café moi ^^