Sankokushin : Five Sacrifices - par Axis Mundi Games - 2024

Jeu de plateau de type JRPG dont l’histoire se passe dans un japon médiéval fictif.

Pleinement coop et narratif pour 1-4 joueurs, et des figurines non-assemblées en HIPS (si on exclut les add-ons et autres KSE résines déjà annoncés), ce Sankokushin vous dit sûrement quelque chose si vous êtes backer de Middara puisque le personnage de Tomoe était un crossover entre les deux jeux lors du dernier KS de chez Succubus. A noter aussi la filiation avec KD:M, puisque c’est Lorinda Tomko qui officie comme illustratrice.

Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices is a story-driven, fully cooperative board game for 1-4 players with top-notch quality miniatures and a unique narrative, set in a fictional medieval Japan. You play through a campaign of fights and hub management, leading your heroes to found a new future for the land of Yamashiro.

Play through an intense campaign where the choices every single player takes may change the outcomes. During battles, try to speak with your enemies to change their behavior and even understand them at a deeper level. Explore your foes’ psychology to reveal their personal stories and change their fate!

Gather resources to craft equipment, visit the city of Yamashiro and its many facilities like the weaponsmith, the Uzume Temple, the herbalist, the tea house, the gambling house.


  • Mold your hero: develop your combat stances and switch between them in combat.
  • Influence your enemies: use your charisma and diplomacy to alter monsters and bosses behavior.
  • Guide your homeland: manage and advance your city's features to bring about prosperity.
  • Narrative driven campaign.
  • AI controlled monsters.
  • Cards & dice based combat system.
  • Collective and individual missions.
  • Hundreds of skills, privileges and gears make character customizations virtually endless.

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Info non-négligeable un KS fig dans l’univers de Sankokushin arrivera avant celui du jeu en 2020

Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices won't see Kickstarter until the 2nd half of 2020. Before of that time, we will launch a miniatures-only campaign (with a small narrative game as add-on) set in the universe of Sankokushin.
Et voici les renders 3D des figurines

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Le travail de Lorinda Tomko sur Sankokushin

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Un peu d’histoire …

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Sankokushin’s story takes place in the city-state of Yamashiro, the scene of a mournful event known as the “Incident of Yamashiro” which happened 4 years before the events of the game. The city’s government is weak, torn between social order and the thirst for power of the other clans, waiting for the right moment to march over Yamashiro to capture the immense wealth and power hidden in the cursed palace that stands on the top of the city, the very center of the incident of 4 years ago and now a cursed place where time, space and causality are confused.

Sankokushin’s story does not unfold by forced narrations that must be read following every mission. There are many different storylines that players can discover by making their own choices. These choices are made while players interact with the different citizens and enemies throughout the game. By not interacting with citizen’s and enemies, the world’s events will unravel without the players knowing why. Sankokushin’s world events will continue to happen, even if the characters aren’t participating in them.

Sankokushin starts the game with four characters. Each came to Yamashiro for different reasons and have their own side story to complete.


She has lived so long surrounded by masks. She’d imagine each of them having their own personalities. After spending years of pouring energy into giving life to all of her masks, she forgets who she truly is. Now she embarks on a journey filled with discoveries and emotions, but before putting an end to all this, she must face the final step… her own mask.


After the fall of Yamashiro, as elder son of the Sanada clan Nobuyuki was sent to the accursed land to understand what was going on and restore peace… but eventually, his personal life comes knocking at the doors and aiming for his heart. He must now make the hardest choices of his life: his loved ones or the future of this land?


She used to be the daughter of the ninja independent republic of Iga-Ryu, until the army of Nobunaga Oda wiped it out and exterminated most of its people. Now seeking revenge, she adds new details to the tattoos that cover her body. She adds a new one every time she takes a new life from the Oda clan. She came to Yamashiro in search of one of her most important targets… the infertile, abandoned wife of Nobunaga Oda himself.


Nobuyuki’s attendant, Tenzen was part of the fallen ninja republic of Iga-Ryu. He is now returning to Yamashiro, a place he knew well and where he left a person very special to him, to protect his master and to continue his research for the truth about the “Incident of Yamashiro”.

… Et de mécaniques

Let’s start talking about Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices’ mechanics and what’s new that it brings to the miniature campaign genre.

Sankokushin’s main focus is the psychological and diplomatic interaction with allies and foes. After the experience of So Long, My World, we decided to bring our love for a deep psychological theme to this over-the-top fantasy adventure, writing more than 40 characters with detailed personalities that players will deepen their knowledge of as the main game mechanic.

In Sankokushin you won’t simply fight mighty enemies to crush and loot them, but you will interact with them in a psychological and emotive way. The specific relationship the party will develop with each different enemy is what makes each campaign unique and different from any other. Each group’s behavior and choices made when fighting a specific enemy will sculpt their development in unique ways.

During the encounters, players may decide to simply fight their enemy or to try interacting with them using speech and diplomacy. Each enemy has its own personality and reacts differently to diplomacy attempts, changing their behavior during fights. For instance, it might be wise to try and intimidate an enemy that has a feeble self-confidence, while it may only enrage an almost invincible enemy who, before that point, was considering letting you go alive.

At the same time, not all the fighting styles achieve the same effects over the enemy’s psychology. For example, a group that heavily relies on ranged weapons may cause the enemy to develop appropriate strategies. A narcissistic enemy that is obsessed with their own beauty and gets scared by the attack of a player will stalk that player forever to get their revenge.

Each enemy has its own story log where players record the outcomes of every fight, resulting in significant changes to the enemy’s attitude towards the party as a whole or even to individual characters. A disturbed enemy may develop an evil interest towards a player that decided to be merciful with them, while an honorable foe may respect the party more after each confrontation with them, even deciding to eventually join them.

Since Sankokushin is mainly focused on the party’s relationship with the enemies, these outcomes will heavily influence the course of the campaign, unlocking story branches, causing disasters, and giving huge rewards to the party.

The party will develop deep personal interactions not only with enemies but also with the citizens of Yamashiro. Most often enemy’s and citizen’s stories mix together in an immense web of interrelationships that make each campaign unique through different branches and endings.

It seems interaction between party members will be a thing too… but that’s enough for now!

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Train in the different means of persuasion. Each enemy reacts differently to your attempts of interacting with them.

Here an early diagram about the rhetoric dice. You start with a generic, balanced rhetoric die and you develop your skills acquiring more powerful and focused dice.

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Ce publisher à une approche du game design dont je me reconnais, toujours curieux de voir les résultats de leurs explorations

Ho putin, DC + japon + narratif. A suivre de très prêt !!

Drapal ça peut m’intéresser !

Une vidéo à voir pour mieux saisir les contours de ce projet aussi ambitieux que l’est Oathworn (deux projets hors normes qui défrichent de nouveaux horizons gameplay)

Vous reprendrez bien une sculpt 3D bien alléchante par Charles Agius

A wonderful WIP of the sculpt designed by Enrica Rinoa Axis Mundi and sculpted by Charles Agius.

We are happy to announce that we are working on a limited run of resin miniatures that will hit #kickstarter soon. It will be part of a miniatures-only KS campaign related to the world of Sankokushin!

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Soite ! j’ai compris ! inutile de résister je prendrais les figurines :sunglasses:

Boom ! Nouveau render 3D

Nobuyuki Sanada is one of the 4 starting heroes.
Like most of the other heroes and citizens, he is inspired by a real historical character, bearing the same name.
The Sanada clan was a quite important family during the Sengoku era, as it is in Sankokushin's timeline.
- Nobuyuki WIP
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Ils ont fait un crossover avec Middara si je me trompe pas lors du reprint, c’est là que je me suis dis c’est pour moi :slight_smile:

Oui exactement c’était avec le personnage/fig de Tomoe

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Fort sympathique, DA à casser des mâchoires jusqu’au moment où je lis narratif + anglais ! Je ne vais jamais réussir à le vendre à mon cercle de joueurs, après Oathsworn les larmes ne sont plus une option =(


Et on continue avec le personnage de Tenzen

Tenzen starts with an evasive, rhetoric-oriented build. In any way, after the prologue you are free to equip him with a 180cm broadsword and a full armor. Just take care of his glasses, precision drops a lot and stress rises if a hit crushes them (yes, it may happen).

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Quelques mots sur le storytelling et la rejouabilité

A few details about the storytelling in Sankokushin: we are focusing on replayability and we will bring here the same approach used for So Long, My World.
  • Procedural;
  • No walls of text;
  • Short paragraphs. We aim for density;
  • You choose your path by doing something rather than selecting a preset answer.
...did we tell you already that there are different final bosses, depending on your playstyle?
And you? How do you like the storytelling in your board games to be? Is there any suggestion you want to give us so we can keep it in mind during the development?
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Présentation de Katsu

The next boss of Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices is Katsu. With unpredictable emotions and a tendency to obsess over any that show her affection, she will destroy anyone that attempts to help the target of her twisted emotions.
Her combat mechanics reflect this. Players must decide if leaving alone any member of the group that attracts her attention or they may consdier exploiting her feelings to backstab her!
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Après Tenzen, petite preview sur Nobuyuki

Nobuyuki has the highest damage output in the prologue. However, his objective is to escape from that battle with his attendant Tenzen. Will he stay and help the others reaching their personal goals or will he leave the battle as soon as possible?

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Je frétille.

Hop hop hop ! De la news, de l’annonce et de l’illustration …

Did we mentioned that unarmed combat is a thing in Sankokushin? There is a limited amount of equipment you can carry during battles - fighting unarmed means more space for accessories and relying less on your weapon and its maintenance.

The campaign is planned for late 2020. The combat is dice-based with elements of deck buliding for what concerns evasive actions and group strategies.

Tiles will come later (we are preparing an outstanding battle board), while soon we will show the finalized design of equipment cards and encounter cards!

We will soon prepare too a video concerning what we have revealed him about the combat system, if we may!

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A nice one :slight_smile:

A chaque news, je me dis que je suis déjà bon pour un full All-In :smiley:

The Skull Samurai is a terrifying opponent. If you have the misfortune to meet him, your calm and your skills with combat stances will be tested.

When this Encounter Card is revealed, the target has to parry a combo of 4 different attacks changing their guard between each blow or die trying!

Encounter Cards do not only show the enemy’s attacks, but other events as well. If you are close enough with certain citizens, they may add their Encounter Card(s) to a boss’ deck and help (or hinder) you in many ways!

The icons on the left are crucial parts of an Encounter Card as well. Can you guess their use?

Defense and movement. What’s interesting here is that the boss’ defense differs according to what it is doing. Some moves may leave the boss off guard while others are more safe. Every time a hero attacks a boss, they check the currently revealed Encounter Card for the boss’ defense value.

Same for movement: if any other card or event triggers the boss’ movement, that is the value for that time span.

En tout cas ils avancent bien à tous les niveaux sur le projet

Working on the graphic design for the demo kit!

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